dactylogyrids (monogenoidea) parasitizing the gills of spinefoots (teleostei: siganidae): proposal of glyphidohaptor n. gen., with two new species from the great barrier reef, australia, and g. plectocirra n. comb. from ras mohammed national park, egypt.nine species of siganus (perciformes: siganidae) were examined for dactylogyrids (monogenoidea) from the red sea, egypt; the great barrier reef, australia; and the south china sea, china. species of tetrancistrum were found on siganids from all 3 localities; pseudohaliotrema spp. were restricted to siganids from the great barrier reef; and species representing glyphidohaptor n. gen. were found on siganids from the red sea and great barrier reef. siganus argenteus from the red sea and siganus vul ...200717436940
revision of dioncopseudobenedenia yamaguti, 1965 including the description of d. ancoralis sp. n. (monogenea: capsalidae) from pacific acanthuroid teleosts.dioncopseudobenedenia yamaguti, 1965 (monogenea: capsalidae) is redefined. dioncopseudobenedenia kala yamaguti, 1965 (type species) is redescribed from type material from hawaii and from new specimens from heron island, queensland, australia and new caledonia. we made detailed observations on d. macracantha yamaguti, 1968 from type material from hawaii, and from new material from heron island and new caledonia. dioncopseudobenedenia ancoralis sp. n. is described from the gill chamber of siganus ...201122263307
first spermatological study in the atractotrematidae (digenea, haploporoidea): the case of atractotrema sigani, intestinal parasite of siganus lineatus.the ultrastructural organization of the mature spermatozoon of the digenean atractotrema sigani (from siganus lineatus off new caledonia) was investigated by transmission electron microscopy. the male gamete of a. sigani exhibits the general morphology described in digeneans with the presence of two axonemes of different lengths showing the 9 + "1" pattern of the trepaxonemata, a nucleus, two mitochondria, two bundles of parallel cortical microtubules, external ornamentation, spine-like bodies a ...201526475645
a review of the genus sclerocollum schmidt & paperna, 1978 (acanthocephala: cavisomidae) from rabbitfishes (siganidae) in the indian and pacific of the eleven species of siganus richardson (siganidae) collected off the coasts of australia, new caledonia, french polynesia and palau were infected with species of sclerocollum schmidt & paperna, 1978 (acanthocephala: cavisomidae). a principal component analysis (pca) and a discriminant analysis were performed on a morphometric dataset of specimens of sclerocollum including borrowed type-specimens of sc. rubrimaris schmidt & paperna, 1978 from the indian ocean and of sc. robustum edmond ...201626790676
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