bat flies on phyllostomid hosts in the cerrado region: component community, prevalence and intensity of parasitism.streblidae flies are specialised parasites of bat hosts, mainly phyllostomids. there is a high richness of streblids in the savannah-like cerrado region; however, there is little quantitative data available in parasitological indices. here, we describe the component community, prevalence and intensity of a streblid infestation on a phyllostomid bat assemblage in serra da bodoquena, a cerrado region in southwest brazil. we conducted surveys by capturing and inspecting bat hosts during the seven-m ...201121655813
trichobius longipes (diptera, streblidae) as a parasite of phyllostomus hastatus (chiroptera, phyllostomidae).among the factors that influence the diversity of ectoparasites on bat hosts are the kind of roost and the host's social behavior. other factors such as sex, reproductive condition and host size may influence the distribution and abundance of ectoparasites. the aim of the present study was to analyze the variation in streblidae ectoparasites on the bat phyllostomus hastatus, according to sex and roost type. we caught bats in four houses on marambaia island, municipality of mangaratiba, and in on ...201625271450
new records of bat ectoparasites (diptera, hemiptera and siphonaptera) from northern species of bat-ectoparasite insects are added to the fauna of argentina and distributional limits are extended for others, based on information obtained from 21 species of bats collected. new data is reported for the distribution of 23 species of bat ectoparasites, of which 17 belong to the order diptera [14 streblidae: anastrebla caudiferae wenzel, anatrichobius scorzai wenzel, aspidoptera phyllostomatis (perty), megistopoda aranea (coquillett), m. proxima (sèguy), metelasmus pseudopterus c ...201019488504
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