morphology of the phytophagous bug platyscytus decempunctatus (carvalho) (heteroptera: miridae).platyscytus decempunctatus carvalho is a small mirid living throughout its life cicle plant solanum cernuum vell. (solanaceae). the internal morphology of p. decempunctatus was studied and found that the female has a telotrophic ovary with three ovarioles in the right ovary and five in the left one. in the male reproductive trait there is a well developed tubular accessory gland. the phytophagous feeding habitat of p. decempunctatus was confirmed by the observations of chlorophyll pigments in th ...200717934612
antineoplastic 31-norcycloartanones from solanum cernuum vell.triterpenoids with 31-norcycloartanone structure were isolated for the first time from the solanum genus. cycloeucalenone and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone were the main constituents of the dichloromethane extract of solanum cernuum vell. leaves [7% (w/w) and 1.47% (w/w)]. both triterpenoids were tested against human tumour cell lines, and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone was significantly active and selective against the lung tumour cell line nci-h460 with total growth inhibition at 1.10 microg/ml, grow ...200818810993
Toxicological evaluation of acute and sub-chronic ingestion of hydroalcoholic extract of Solanum cernuum Vell. in mice.Solanum cernuum Vellozo is a Brazilian shrub or small tree, restricted to Southwest states of the country. It has been widely used for the treatment of many ailments. The pharmacological activity of the extract on gastric ulcer has been the major therapeutic target proposed by the population investigated.201122001590
diversity and antimicrobial activities of the fungal endophyte community associated with the traditional brazilian medicinal plant solanum cernuum vell. (solanaceae).the diversity and antimicrobial activity of endophytic fungi associated with the brazilian medicinal plant solanum cernuum vell. were studied during summer and winter seasons. a total of 246 fungal isolates were obtained, including 225 filamentous fungi and 21 yeasts. they were identified by morphological, physiological, and molecular methods. fifty-five different taxa represented by the phyla ascomycota (33 taxa), basidiomycota (21 taxa), and zygomycota (one taxon) were identified. the most a ...201122182199
gastroprotective activity of the hydroethanolic extract and isolated compounds from the leaves of solanum cernuum vell.solanum cernuum vell. (solanaceae) is a brazilian medicinal plant, traditionally known as "panaceia". its folk name is probably due to its wide range of applications in traditional medicine including the treatment of ulcers.201526144696
pharmacological characterization of solanum cernuum vell.: 31-norcycloartanones with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.cycloeucalenone (1) and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone (2) obtained from solanum cernuum vell. were assayed to explore their pharmacologic roles. previous studies showed that (2) has selective activity against lung tumor cell line (ncih460) which expresses high levels of cox-2, suggesting its role in inflammatory process, and also a link between chronic inflammation and cancer-associated process. dichloromethane crude extract (dce) significantly reduced writhing and stretching induced by 0.8 % aceti ...201423925459
genetic diversity of polysporic isolates of moniliophthora perniciosa (tricholomataceae).the causal agent of witches' broom disease, moniliophthora perniciosa is a hemibiotrophic and endemic fungus of the amazon basin and the most important cocoa disease in brazil. the purpose of this study was to analyze the genetic diversity of polysporic isolates of m. perniciosa to evaluate the adaptation of the pathogen from different brazilian regions and its association with different hosts. polysporic isolates obtained previously in potato dextrose agar cultures of m. perniciosa from differe ...201222869076
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