florence nightingale: reformer, reactionary, researcher.this article discusses the development and significant aspects of florence nightingale's beliefs and philosophy as they contributed to her character formation and the roles through which she has been historically recognized. her beliefs about god and man, explored against a backdrop of the victorian world, are shown as the essence of her philosophy out of which she initiated major changes in the social life of england. nightingale's substantive corrective reforms, reflected in attitudinal, educa ...1977320564
[a biological method of control of fly infestation in pig sties using japanese nightingales]. 1978725902
[candida albicans infection in japanese nightingales: diagnosis therapy and supplementary measures].yeast and fungal infections may constitute a major problem in aviary birds. a case of yeast infection is reported, which was possibly due to antibiotherapy and malnutrition. ketoconazole is effective in controlling this type of infection. methods by which these infections may be prevented are recommended, as well as examinations which are useful in aviary birds.19912014510
a question of conscience. physicians in defense of human rights.the vital role physicians can play in documenting physical and mental abuse of political prisoners, treating and rehabilitating victims, and preventing the punitive use of medicine is exemplified by the actions of three physicians whose stories are told here. wendy orr, a south african prison physician, took her complaint about police torture of political detainees to court after her superiors ignored her reports of prisoner abuse. an internationally known chilean surgeon, pedro castillo, has ...19863517401
a visit to scutari (florence nightingale). 19863521287
the florence nightingale-mary stanley controversy: some unpublished letters. 19744607277
nasal acquisition of staphylococcus aureus in partly divided wards.the spread of coagulase-positive staphylococci has been studied in a modern hospital in which most of the patients were nursed in 4-bed rooms separated from a common corridor only by low dividing walls. acquisition of new nasal strains from patients in other bedrooms was nearly as easy as from patients in the neighbouring beds. there was no indication that subdivision of this type hindered the spread of nasal strains as compared with open wards of the ;nightingale' pattern.19715291743
[understanding of man in the "notes on nursing" (florence nightingale)]. 19827037292
nightingale's spiritual philosophy and its significance for modern her manuscript, suggestions for thought, nightingale attempted to integrate science and mysticism. she wrote that the universe is the incarnation of a divine intelligence that regulates all things through law. for nightingale, the laws of science are the "thoughts of god." because of her deep conviction about universal law, she did not believe in miraculous intervention as an answer to prayer. human beings must discover the laws of god and apply them for health and wholeness. prayer is attuni ...19957721325
the view from scutari: a look at contemporary nursing.modern nursing and healthcare delivery are examined from a unique vantage point provided by the author's visit to scutari, turkey. in selimiye army barracks at scutari, florence nightingale lived while directing the care of thousands of wounded british soldiers during the crimean war. what was nightingale's legacy to nursing, and what have nurses done with it? if miss nightingale were at her desk reading a status report on 20th-century nursing, what reactions would she have? what wars are engagi ...19938367336
wingbeat frequency and the body drag anomaly: wind-tunnel observations on a thrush nightingale (luscinia luscinia) and a teal (anas crecca)a teal (anas crecca) and a thrush nightingale (luscinia luscinia) were trained to fly in the lund wind tunnel for periods of up to 3 and 16 h respectively. both birds flew in steady flapping flight, with such regularity that their wingbeat frequencies could be determined by viewing them through a shutter stroboscope. when flying at a constant air speed, the teal's wingbeat frequency varied with the 0.364 power of the body mass and the thrush nightingale's varied with the 0.430 power. both expone ...19969320660
florence nightingale and the enduring legacy of transpersonal human caring. 19989867500
do you know that there is a museum dedicated to florence nightingale in turkey? 200111211854
research strategies for clinicians.if there is a story waiting to be told about nurses and research, it is this: research is part of our past, our present, and our future. research gives "caring" a mental muscle that makes it stronger than caring would be without it. since the crimean war, research has been a foundational cornerstone of the profession. florence nightingale espoused caring and human touch but not without also observing and measuring important patient outcomes that identified the spread of infection via human conta ...200111778347
an exploration of the potential benefits of pet-facilitated therapy.there is mounting evidence to suggest that those who keep pets are likely to benefit from various improvements in health. despite founders of nursing such as florence nightingale advocating the importance of animals within the care environment, their integration into hospitals and other health care settings has been slow. the literature on animal-induced health benefits is reviewed and the conclusion is drawn that the potential benefits of pet therapy are considerable. it is suggested that nurse ...199910624248
the angel of the crimea: london's florence nightingale museum. 19948116029
how we developed a university program in nursing in turkey.while only the experiences of the faculty of the florence nightingale school of nursing have been discussed, it is my belief that most of the steps would be desirable if not essential in the development of any university-level program. the following is a summarization of the six steps: 1. select and appoint nurses as teachers who have had university-level preparation for their responsibilities of teaching, student supervision, and curriculum development in a higher educational program, or if nec ...19853870526
equine-facilitated group psychotherapy: applications for therapeutic this day of high-tech, managed-care service delivery with an emphasis on medication and brief treatment, it is important for nurses to be aware of nontraditional treatment options that may be uniquely beneficial for some clients. although it may still be considered a novelty, including animals in the healing milieu is not a new idea. florence nightingale herself suggested that "a small pet animal is often an excellent companion for the sick, for long chronic cases especially" (nightingale, 19 ...200212217223
physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for cefazolin in rabbits and its preliminary extrapolation to the present study, the physiologically based pharmacokinetic model, which succeeded previously in predicting the pharmacokinetics of beta-lactam antibiotics in rats [a. tsuji, t. yoshikawa, k. nishide, h. minami, m. kimura, e. nakashima, t. terasaki, e. miyamoto, c.h. nightingale, and t. yamana: physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for beta-lactam antibiotics. i: tissue distribution and elimination in rats. j. pharm. sci. 72, 1239-1252 (1983)], was applied to cefazolin pharmacokinetics ...19852867880
beyond florence nightingale: the general professional education of the nurse.the leadership of nursing has been more concerned with the issue of nursing as a profession on a par with medicine than with the development of an education that would lead to professional status. nurses must leave nursing, the care of the sick, to advance their careers. the author proposes rigorous preprofessional science preparation and nursing education at the baccalaureate level followed by a clinical internship. nurses would be able to achieve specialty education either by graduate educatio ...19892644938
nightingales vs. big tobacco: nurses confront the nation's greatest public health threat. 200415187604
the environment and quality of care in long-term care is alarming that a basic need such as fluids and nutrition can be so neglected when caring for elderly patients. dennis & prescott (1985) found when asking nurses around the country to describe good nursing practice that dietary concerns were not commonly identified as an activity comprising good nursing. kayser-jones (1981) found, when comparing the quality of care in a scottish and an american institution, that the greatest difference between the two facilities was the environment. in the s ...19892511553
relationship between dyslipidemia, c-reactive protein and serological evidence of chlamydia pneumoniae in turkish patients with coronary artery diseases.relationship between dyslipidemia, c-reactive protein (crp) and serological evidence of chlamydia pneumoniae was investigated in a turkish population with coronary artery disease. this prospective, randomized, blinded study was carried out in florence nightingale hospital which is affiliated to kadir has university, medical faculty. thirty-two patients with acute coronary artery diseases (acad), 32 patients with chronic coronary artery diseases (ccad) and 26 healthy controls (hc) were included i ...200415460525
statement on nursing: a personal perspective.contemporary nursing is based on a conglomerate of theoretical nursing models. these models each incorporate four central concepts: person, health, environment, and nursing. by defining these concepts, nurses develop an individual framework from which they base their nursing practice. as an aspiring nurse practitioner in the gastroenterology field, i have retrospectively assessed my personal definitions of person, health, environment, and nursing. from these definitions, i am able to incorporate ...200415502517
a visit to the nightingale museum. 19902241630
mortality rate, length of stay and extra cost of sternal surgical site infections following coronary artery bypass grafting in a private medical centre in turkey.florence nightingale hospital is a 300-bed, university-affiliated, private medical centre with a large open heart surgery programme in istanbul, turkey. in this study, the mortality rates, lengths of stay (los) and extra costs of patients with deep sternal surgical site infections (dsssis) and superficial sternal surgical site infections (ssssis) following coronary artery bypass grafting (cabg) were determined from january 1999 to december 2002. group i included 52 patients with dsssis, group ii ...200515866018
advancing nursing scholarship through the interpretation of imaginative literature: ancestral connectedness and the survival of the sufferer.imaginative literature has played an important role in nursing practice and education since the time of florence nightingale. used primarily as an exemplar, however, its potential has not been realized fully by nurses. this article addresses the use of imaginative literature in scholarly inquiry. often considered the aegis of literary critics and philosophers, the formal discipline of literary criticism enables the nurse to identify concepts and to generate theoretic explanations about human phe ...200111763370
human rights or human responsibilities? remembering florence nightingale. 200116010912
strachey on nightingale. (an extract from florence nightingale by lytton strachey published by penguin, 1996) 199711618977
florence nightingale. her crimean fever and chronic illness.florence nightingale's crimean fever and chronic illness have intrigued historians for more than a century and a half. the purpose of this article is threefold: (a) to discuss the facts that point to the cause of nightingale's crimean fever as brucellosis, (b) to show that her debilitating illness for 32 years (1855-1887) was compatible with the specific form of chronic brucellosis, and (c) to present new evidence that she was still having severe symptoms in december 1887, when it was previously ...19989801534
florence nightingale. a 19th-century mystic.florence nightingale (1820-1910) received a clear and profoundly moving call to serve god at the age of 16. through a lifetime of hard work and discipline, she became a practicing mystic in the western tradition, thereby becoming an instrument of god's love, which was the primary source of her great energy and the fabled "nightingale power." to understand the life and work of this legendary healer, who forever changed human consciousness, the role of women, and nursing and public health systems ...19989801533
aids awareness among nursing students of delhi.a total of 233 students of nursing school affiliated to a major hospital of delhi were surveyed anonymously employing a predesigned, pretested and self-administered questionnaire. although, 78.6 per cent students knew that aids stands for "acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome," 15.5 per cent students were unaware of the fact that aids had reached india. majority of them were aware of various aspects of hiv/aids. however, they also had few misconceptions particularly regarding hiv transmission. co ...19968778176
nursing research: on what basis?in the past 150 years nursing science has developed into a discipline of its own which has integrated features of various stages of theory development. so far most nursing theories, originally borrowed from other disciplines, have been adapted and moulded to suit the nursing context. the theories developed after nightingale, such as developmental, need-oriented, interaction, system-oriented and simultaneity theories have come about this way. they have depicted the areas of interest in nursing wh ...19948188964
where in europe should we look for sources of the cutaneous trematode collyriclum faba infections in migrating birds?cutaneous cysts with trematodes of collyriclum faba have been found in birds during their spring and post-breeding migrations in the czech republic. during spring migrations, c. faba was found in one dunnock prunella modularis, two european robins erithacus rubecula, three common nightingales luscinia megarhynchos, one song thrush turdus philomelos and one great reed warbler acrocephalus arundinaceus. during post-breeding migration, the same parasite was found in one garden warbler sylvia borin, ...200617125543
russian nursing in the crimean war.although the practice of military medicine and surgery goes back to antiquity, the british date the proper care of the wounded from the arrival of florence nightingale at scutari in turkey on 4 november 1854. the 140th anniversary of her work in that winter of the crimean war is being celebrated by an exhibition at the florence nightingale museum, 2 lambeth palace road se1 7ew, from 1 december 1994 till 30 april 1995. for the first time in this country it will tell a little of the other side of ...19957738882
florence nightingale: appreciating our legacy, envisioning our future."if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. let him step to the music that he hears, however measured or far away." this quote is attributed to henry david thoreau, (walden, 1854) not florence nightingale, but it certainly can describe florence, particularly in early life. florence, you can say, "had it all": wealth, education, a doting extended family, and a life of leisure, which included the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world. ...200617273011
aerospace nursing: the new frontier.since the days of florence nightingale and the crimean war, nursing has been involved in shaping the environment to make it more conducive to human existence. with the emergence of the space age the environment has broadened to encompass not only earth and its ionosphere, but its moon and sister planets as well. to date, nursing has been successful in developing theories that address human-environmental interactions. however, the environment of the 21st century will be vastly different from the ...19892778224
martha e. rogers: a life history.the 20th century in nursing has focused heavily on theory development. while theorizing about nursing--what it is, and what it is not--can be traced back to nightingale, martha e. rogers' an introduction to the theoretical basis of nursing (1970) marked the advent of a new era in nursing science. with a view of nursing as a "learned profession," this landmark work staked out a substantive knowledge base for the discipline. the science of unitary human beings proposed by rogers was a radical depa ...19892654782
from florence nightingale to critical care nursing: a visit to istanbul. 19902226970
florence nightingale and the salisbury incident.florence nightingale's astute handling of mismanagement in free gifts stores during the crimean war underscored her administrative ability. miss nightingale went to scutari ostensibly to nurse the british soldiers, and while there encountered innumerable instances of administrative and managerial ineffectiveness and difficulties. among these were the problems in the accountability and deployment of supplies as well as the assignment and supervision of female personnel-an untried situation. the a ...1976787939
[new hosts of some nematodes--parasites of passeriformes].parasitic nematodes very rarely exist in birds that are completely or predominantly herbivorous. the investigation of the helminth fauna of passeriformes in the region of lower silesia revealed new hosts for some nematode species. we found in acrocephalus scirpaceus--acuaria subula and microtetrameres inermis; in fringilla coelebs and in luscinia megarhynchos--dispharynx nasuta; in passer montanus--capillaria angusta; in phylloscopus trochiloides--acuaria subula as well in phylloscopus collybita ...200819055064
hygiene and health - the need for a holistic approach.the holistic principles of hygiene and public health have contributed substantially to an increase in life expectancy by more than 30 years and in life quality since the beginning of the 20th century. frank, pettenkofer, nightingale, pasteur, lister, and koch have been pioneering protagonists of the holistic approach to hygiene and public health. socioeconomic development and related factors such as nutrition status and food hygiene, housing conditions, water supply and sewage systems, and educa ...200111486260
what we know and how we know it: contributions from nursing to women's health research and this first chapter, we trace the historical roots of nursing research and scholarship focused on protecting and promoting women's health. beginning with florence nightingale, modern nursing's first researcher, who focused on the health impact of women's daily lives through her detailed observations of human behavior. more recently, nursing's contributions to women's health over the past 30 years have redefined women's health, proposed new frameworks for understanding women's health; provided ...200111439786
the future of robotics can be the use of robotic aides increases the possibility of telesurgery, the perioperative scope of practice could include using patients' homes or other nontraditional settings as surgical sites. even mobile surgical vans could be used. to perform telesurgery, the health care industry actively must define the role of the health care professional with the patient who can make an incision and insert a laparoscope. this may create an opportune time to promote the rn first assistant (rnfa) role--a goa ...19989592608
[investigation of the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in aviary birds in homes in the van province].this study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in aviary birds in the van province. for this purpose, fecal samples were collected from aviary birds (6 parrots, 5 nightingales, 24 canaries and 35 lovebirds) in van. in the parasitology laboratory, seventy fecal samples were examined using the native and sedimentation technique for helminth eggs, eimeria sp. oocysts and giardia sp. cysts. the same samples were examined by modified-acid-fast staining for crypto ...200919851967
prevalence of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in the nightingale (luscinia megarhynchos) and other passerine order to explore the involvement of terrestrial birds in the ecology of lyme disease spirochetes, we determined the presence of borrelia burgdorferi s. i. dna in tick larvae feeding on the hosts. birds were caught at several study sites along the rhine valley in sw germany between august 1999 and march 2001. a total of 987 ixodes ricinus larvae were collected from 225 birds belonging to 20 host species. the following four passerine species that have not yet been subject to detailed reservoir ...200212141765
the future of nursing in a technological age: computers, robots, and tlc.the computer has become a major tool in the medical treatment of disease. computers can record vital signs, keep records, and provide central networks for interactive diagnosis. individual medical histories can be contained in an optical card the size of a credit card. advances in technology just over the horizon will permit an individual to consult a computer much as one now consults a physician for diagnosis, recommendations, instructions, and treatment. surgery can be conducted in "virtual sp ...19921301425
long-term trends in first arrival and first egg laying dates of some migrant and resident bird species in northern italy.climate change is affecting the phenology of seasonal events in europe and the northern hemisphere, as shown by several studies of birds' timing of migration and reproduction. here, we analyse the long-term (1982-2006) trends of first arrival dates of four long-distance migratory birds [swift (apus apus), nightingale (luscinia megarhynchos), barn swallow (hirundo rustica), and house martin (delichon urbicum)] and first egg laying dates of two migrant (swift, barn swallow) and two resident specie ...200717375338
from birdsong to speech: a plea for comparative approaches.human language and speech are unique accomplishments. nevertheless, they share a number of characteristics with other systems of communication, and investigators have thus compared them to birdsong and the vocal signaling of nonhuman primates. particular interesting parallels concern the development of singing and speaking. these behaviors rely on auditory perception, subsequent memorization and finally, the generation of vocal imitations. several mechanisms help young individuals to deal with t ...200415258628
regulation of calcineurin by phosphorylation. identification of the regulatory site phosphorylated by ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase ii and protein kinase c.the site in calcineurin, the ca2+/calmodulin (cam)-dependent protein phosphatase, which is phosphorylated by ca2+/cam-dependent protein kinase ii (cam-kinase ii) has been identified. analyses of 32p release from tryptic and cyanogen bromide peptides derived from [32p]calcineurin plus direct sequence determination established the site as -arg-val-phe-ser(po4)-val-leu-arg-, which conformed to the consensus phosphorylation sequence for cam-kinase ii (arg-x-x-ser/thr-). this phosphorylation site is ...19892550447
[holism in theoretical models of nursing].in this bibliographical analysis, we present the classification of nine theoretical nursing models which frame holistic thinking according to the school of thought of human needs, interaction and outcome. it further describes the definition of holism, health, client and nursing in the holistic conception, with the objective of portraying holism in the theoretical references of nursing: the ambiental theory of nightingale, the interpersonal theory of peplau, the philosophical theory of hall, the ...199912138466
respect for human dignity: a central phenomenon to philosophically unite nursing theory and practice through consilience of knowledge.nightingale suggested that there should be no distinction between "men of thought" and "men of action" and that an "ideal" or philosophy should not be isolated but incorporated into everyday activities. this construct is analogous to the belief that nursing theory and nursing practice should be incorporated, and both should reflect a common central phenomenon. the pursuit of nursing knowledge by women of "thought" is not viewed as a central phenomenon but is an outcome of scholarly inquiry. outc ...200111554531
expanding our nightingale horizon: seven recommendations for 21st-century nursing's global health problems may seem insurmountable. antibiotic-resistant microbes are increasing, and more economic, environmental, and social factors are affecting health. health care costs keep rising. hot politics and the chronic global nursing shortages all threaten the future of health care delivery. also, diseases in many war-torn regions clearly place all humanity's health at risk. how can nurses possibly address these larger "global" challenges? to consider this question--and what nu ...201021149558
[adolescence and adolescents: new meaning based on the social determination of the health-disease process].this study, of historical and dialectic referential, was written from the perspective of the redefinition of adolescence, and how it fits into health intervention. recognizing the transdisciplinary character of this task, the objective of this work is to contribute to the nursing of the adolescent, learning by analyzing work is to contribute to the nursing of the adolescent, learning by analyzing works produced within brazilian academic nursing studies. the empirical material consisted of 22 mas ...199812138479
Effects of alopecia on body image and quality of life of Turkish cancer women with or without headscarf.PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to find out the effects of chemotherapy-related alopecia on body image and quality of life of Turkish women who have cancer with or without headscarves and factors affecting them. METHODS: This descriptive study was conducted with 204 women who received chemotherapy at the Istanbul University Institute of Oncology, Turkey. The Patient Description Form, Body Image Scale and Night ...201122179546
environmentally safe health care agencies: nursing's responsibility, nightingale's legacy.florence nightingale and subsequent nurse scholars have written about the impact of the environment on human health. nightingale described, and staked out, the nurse's role in optimizing environments for healing. since nightingale's time numerous scholars have documented that environmental conditions play a major role in the health of individuals and populations. as nurses become more informed about the environment as a determinant of human health, they will be able to advocate more effectively ...200721848348
[evaluation of routine screening results of blood donors in florence nightingale hospital for a seven years period]. 200616775970
nightingale nurses return. nurse activists make the tobacco industry their target. 200616801794
creating a therapeutic environment in a pediatric renal unit.creating and maintaining a therapeutic patient environment has been the responsibility of nurses since the days of florence nightingale. achieving this environment for children with renal disease and their families can, however, be a complex task. this article addresses a number of factors that must be considered in planning a new pediatric unit or renovating an established one. useful strategies leading to a therapeutic environment in a pediatric nephrology unit are described as well.20102923498
the other miss nightingale. 1969250031
nursing's involvement in tobacco control: historical perspective and vision for the future.there is little evidence that nursing organizations have played a major leadership role in addressing tobacco control at the political level, and none have addressed collectively, in any sustained way, the role of the tobacco industry, the primary vector of the tobacco disease epidemic. the aims of this article are (a) to explore what accounts for organized nursing's relative quiescence about tobacco industry and (b) to elucidate why a nursing voice would be especially effective in addressing th ...200616829777
owed to the nightingale but what about the future? 1969249978
birds of a high-altitude cloud forest in alta verapaz, guatemala.the northern central american highlands have been recognized as endemic bird area, but little is known about bird communities in guatemalan cloud forests. from 1997 to 2001 a total of 142 bird species were recorded between 2000 and 2400 masl in cloud forest and agricultural clearings on montaña caquipec (alta verapaz, guatemala). the bird community is described based on line transect counts within the forest. pooling census data from undisturbed and disturbed forest, the gray-breasted wood-wren ...200517354466
[florence nightingale: her personality, her words. respect for life is the mission of nursing]. 20041305246
florence nightingale gets no respect: as a statistician that is. 200312897369
[florence nightingale--a remarkable woman followed her calling]. 20113090359
the living tree of nursing theories.three behavioral theories have been used to develop major nursing theories: interactive, systems, and developmental.200314603638
[the nightingale of the emperor of china (psychoanalytic essay on the "false")]. 20144187879
[nursing theory. 7. "notes on nursing" by florence nightingale. 2]. 20154625974
discussion/life of florence nightingale. 20123298791
trace gas emissions from the marine biosphere.a wide variety of trace gases (e.g. dimethyl sulphide, organohalogens, ammonia, non-methane and oxygenated hydrocarbons, volatile oxygenated organics and nitrous oxide) are formed in marine waters by biological and photochemical processes. this leads in many, but not all, cases to supersaturation of the water relative to marine air concentrations and a net flux of trace gas to the atmosphere. since the gases are often in their reduced forms in the water, once in the atmosphere they are subject t ...200717513265
[florence nightingale and nursing]. 20113299937
a single mutation near the c-terminus in alpha/beta hydrolase fold protein family causes a defect in protein arg to cys mutation in the extracellular domain of neuroligin-3 (nl3) was recently found in a twin set with autism [s. jamain, h. quach, c. betancur, m. rastam, c. colineaux, i.c. gillberg, h. soderstrom, b. giros, m. leboyer, c. gillberg, t. bourgeron, paris autism research international sibpair study, mutations of the x-linked genes encoding neuroligins nlgn3 and nlgn4 are associated with autism, nat. genet. 34 (2003) 27-29]. the cys substitution in nl3 causes altered intracellular protein ...200516429495
of lamps and lanterns: throwing light on florence nightingale. 200516529211
the meaning of hope in nursing research: a meta-synthesis.scand j caring sci; 2009 the meaning of hope in nursing research: a meta-synthesisthe aim of this study was to develop a meta-synthesis of nursing research about hope as perceived by people during sickness and by healthy people. a meta-synthesis does not intend to cover all studies about hope; rather it tries to synthesize qualitative findings from different contexts, cultures and times to provide a global picture of the phenomenon under study. noblit and hare's meta-ethnographic approach was us ...200919453659
development and validation of the nightingale symptom assessment scale (n-sas) and predictors of the quality of life of the cancer patients in turkey.treatment-related side effects have an adverse impact on the health-related quality of life (hrqol) of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. this study is a description of the validity and responsiveness demonstrated by a new cancer and cancer treatment-specific symptom scale--the nightingale symptom assessment scale (n-sas)--which was developed and validated to address the qol of turkish cancer patients.201119944644
applying nightingale charts to evaluate the heterogeneity of biomedical waste in a evaluate the heterogeneity of biomedical waste (bw) using nightingale charts.201425591088
candidatus neoehrlichia mikurensis in ticks from migrating birds in sweden.candidatus neoehrlichia mikurensis (cnm; family anaplasmataceae) was recently recognized as a potential tick-borne human pathogen. the presence of cnm in mammals, in host-seeking ixodes ticks and in ticks attached to mammals and birds has been reported recently. we investigated the presence of cnm in ornithophagous ticks from migrating birds. a total of 1,150 ticks (582 nymphs, 548 larvae, 18 undetermined ticks and two adult females) collected from 5,365 birds captured in south-eastern sweden wa ...201526207834
tick-borne zoonotic pathogens in ticks feeding on the common nightingale including a novel strain of rickettsia sp.we examined 77 ixodes ricinus ticks found on 33 out of 120 common nightingales (luscinia megarhynchos) sampled in the czech republic in 2008 for the presence of borrelia spirochetes, anaplasma phagocytophilum, rickettsia spp., and babesia spp. we detected borrelia garinii (in 4% of ticks), a. phagocytophilum (1%), rickettsia helvetica (3%), a novel strain of rickettsia sp. (sister taxon of r. bellii; 1%), and babesia sp. eu1 (1%). thus, we conclude that nightingales are unlikely to be important ...201222906497
rickettsiae of spotted fever group, borrelia valaisiana, and coxiella burnetii in ticks on passerine birds and mammals from the camargue in the south of france.ticks are obligate hematophagous arthropods that have a limited mobility, but can be transported over large geographical distances by wild and domestic mammals and birds. in this study, we analyze the presence of emerging zoonotic bacteria in ticks collected from passerine birds and mammals present in the camargue, in the south of france, which is a major rallying point for birds migrating from eurasia and africa. the presence of coxiella burnetii, rickettsia, borrelia, and bartonella was examin ...201223141104
prevention of complications in laparoscopic hysterectomy: experience with 1120 cases performed by a single surgeon.the aim of this study is to describe a safe technique without any ureteral, bladder, and major vessel injuries in laparoscopic hysterectomy with a co2 laser technique.200717218235
public health and nursing: a natural partnership.the health of individuals occurs within the context of their environment and the other individuals they interact with in the communities they live in, work in and visit. promoting the health of the public requires multiple strategies aimed at improving the environment, the health knowledge of groups and individuals, maintaining adequate food and water, and reducing the spread of disease. many disciplines are needed to meet these goals, but the largest segment of the professional health work forc ...200920049229
first isolation of salmonella enterica serovar napoli from wild birds in italy.salmonella enterica serovar napoli (s. napoli) is an emerging serovar in italy. it accounts for 2-4% of all serovars isolated from human infections. the zoonotic origin of this serovar is still unknown and this makes difficult to apply any control intervention. we report here the isolation of s. napoli from a river nightingale (cettia cetti, temminck 1820) which represents the first description of this serovar from wild birds. this finding adds knowledge to the ecology of s. napoli and addresses ...201424695259
florence nightingale: a 19th-century mystic.florence nightingale (1820-1910) received a clear and profoundly moving call to serve god at the age of 16. through a lifetime of hard work and discipline, she became a practicing mystic in the western tradition, thereby becoming an instrument of god's love, which was the primarily source of her great energy and the fabled "nightingale power." to understand the life and work of this legendary healer, who forever changed human consciousness, the role of women, and nursing and public health system ...201020467024
florence nightingale and the enduring legacy of transpersonal human caring-healing. 201020467037
beliefs of turkish cancer patients on the genesis of cancer: "why do i have cancer?".to determine the beliefs of turkish cancer patients about the etiology of carcinogenesis.201020658726
from revelation to revolution: critical care nurses' emerging roles in public policy.nursing history is rich with individuals who have overcome barriers to impact their environment. florence nightingale not only introduced nursing as a science; she was also one of the first public policy advocates. she looked at an unhealthy environment, and used her political skills to effect change. nursing organizations are mirroring this patient advocacy role in many forums. this article discusses the varying attitudes toward the role of nurses in public policy, from indifference to action. ...200515862743
nightingales confront tobacco company, redux: nurses from around the country gather to clear the smoke. 200515930865
widespread and structured distributions of blood parasite haplotypes across a migratory divide of the swainson's thrush (catharus ustulatus).we examined the phylogenetic distribution of cytochrome b haplotypes of the avian blood parasite genera haemoproteus and plasmodium across the migratory divide of the swainson's thrush (catharus ustulatus) in british columbia, canada. from 87 host individuals, we identified 8 parasite haplotypes; 4 of plasmodium and 4 of haemoproteus. six haplotypes were novel; 1 haemoproteus haplotype was identical to h. majoris found in the blue tit (parus caeruleus) in sweden, and another halotype was identic ...200718314697
relationship between nursing students' epistemological beliefs and locus of control.the aim of this study was to determine the relationship between nursing students' epistemologic beliefs and locus of control, and the research was conducted at istanbul university florence nightingale school of nursing with 350 nursing students.201020149504
florence nightingale: founder of modern nursing and hospital epidemiology. 200919234417
the empty carriage: lessons in leadership from florence nightingale.florence nightingale made a profound statement about leadership when she returned from the crimean war without the fanfare offered to her. promoters paraded her empty carriage around the city of southampton england to applaud her accomplishments in the war. her absence signaled a new leadership, one of quiet determination, humility, and political strategy to improve quality of life. the lessons to be learned for today's nurse leaders revolve around mindfulness, clarity of purpose, reverence for ...201121220570
quality of life and complementary and alternative medicine use among cancer patients in turkey.the purpose of this study was to assess the relationships between quality of life and use of complementary and alternative medicine (cam) among turkish cancer patients.200919395312
career paths of nurses: when is a nurse no longer a nurse?when is a nurse no longer a nurse? lillian wald established the first settlement house. elizabeth kinney founded the discipline of physical medicine. these nurses saw a need and used their nursing knowledge and experience to fill that need. did these innovations make them ex-nurses? florence nightingale did not stop considering herself a nurse when she began the discipline of biostatistics. modern nurse pioneers will not only define but expand the boundaries of nursing. you can take the nurse ou ...20123644874
Exploration of clinical nurses' perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care.Florence Nightingale emphasized the need for nurses to honor the psychological and spiritual aspects of patients to promote patients' health. Whereas study of a public hospital in Singapore presented similar findings, few studies have explored clinical nurses' perceptions of spirituality.201122089650
the outcomes movement and evidence-based medicine in plastic surgery.evidence-based medicine is analyzed from its inception. this article takes the reader through the early formation of scientific medicine that has evolved into the multipurpose tool it has become today. early proponents of evidence-based medicine and the outcomes movement, and their intentions, are presented. the work of david sackett, gordon guyatt, florence nightingale, ernest codman, and archie cochrane is discussed, regarding how they perceived the need for better clinical outcomes that led t ...201223506764
[12 may - nursing day. commemoration of florence nightingale; 5-15-1820 - 8-13-1910]. 1993206774
ticks of the hyalomma marginatum complex transported by migratory birds into central europe.hyalomma ticks are well-known vectors transmitting infectious agents, which can result in severe and potentially fatal diseases in humans. migratory birds may carry infected ticks over long distances. here, we report on records of ticks of the h. marginatum complex in birds from central europe during the spring migration in 2008-2012. a total of 1172 birds belonging to 32 species, 16 families, and 3 orders was examined for ticks. sixteen individuals of 6 passerine species were found to transport ...201424877976
the florence nightingale lamp. 20061636366
[description of florence nightingale and her ideals]. 20123286934
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