mandarin compound vowels produced by prelingually deafened children with cochlear implants.compound vowels including diphthongs and triphthongs have complex, dynamic spectral features. the production of compound vowels by children with cochlear implants (cis) has not been studied previously. the present study examined the dynamic features of compound vowels in native mandarin-speaking children with cis.201728483225
[genetic diversity of adenoviruses in bats of china].adenovirus remains a significant threat to public health. recent studies showed that bats can harbor diverse adenoviruses. to further investigate the distribution and genetic diversity of bat adenoviruses in china, we collected throat and anal swab samples of 11 bat species from 6 provinces of china, including beijing, hunan, jiangxi, yunnan, guizhou and hainan. nested pcr was used to identify potential bat adenoviruses from the samples, and positive results were cloned and sequenced for genetic ...201222978165
a new species and a new record of nycteridopsylla oudemans, 1906 (siphonaptera: ischnopsyllidae) from china.a new species, nycteridopsylla quadrispina, found on the vespertilionid bat ia io, is described from china. n. iae beaucournu & kock, 1992, a new record for china, was also found on the same host. the new species is distinguished by the presence of four spines on the genal comb and by the shape and chaetotaxy of the head.200312975622
molecular epidemiology of canine picornavirus in hong kong and dubai and proposal of a novel genus in picornaviridae.previously, we reported the discovery of a novel canine picornavirus (canpv) in the fecal sample of a dog. in this molecular epidemiology study, canpv was detected in 15 (1.11%) of 1347 canine fecal samples from hong kong and one (0.76%) of 131 canine fecal samples from dubai, with viral loads 1.06×10(3) to 6.64×10(6) copies/ml. complete genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis showed that canpv was clustered with feline picornavirus (fepv), bat picornavirus (batpv) 1 to 3, ia io picornavirus ...201627051044
syntheses, crystal structures, and properties of three new lanthanum(iii) vanadium iodates.systematic explorations of new compounds in the la(3+)-v(4+)/v(5+)-iodate system led to three new lanthanum(iii) vanadium iodates, namely, lavo(io(3))(5), lav(2)o(6)(io(3)), and lavo(2)(io(3))(4).h(2)o. lavo(io(3))(5) is isostructural with latio(io(3))(5) and its structure contains a 0d [vo(io(3))(5)](3-) anionic unit composed of one vo(6) octahedron linked to five io(3)(-) groups. such 0d anionic units are separated by la(3+) ions. lav(2)o(6)(io(3)) exhibits a unique 3d framework composed of 1d ...201020683532
the first record of <i>ia</i> <i>io</i> thomas, 1902 (mammalia: chiroptera: vespertilionidae) from the sundaic subregion, with a description of a new subspecies from peninsular thailand.the great evening bat ia io thomas, 1902, previously considered as an endemic to the indochinese subregion, is reported from the sundaic subregion for the first time based on specimens collected from three localities in surat thani province and phang nga province, peninsular thailand. it is described herein as a new subspecies based on its substantially larger body and skull size. the mitochondrial coi and cytochrome b genes reveal that the new subspecies has a genetic distance of 1.89% and 1.65 ...201729245626
discovery of potent pan-raf inhibitors with increased solubility to overcome drug resistance.despite various applications of kinase inhibitors in oncology and inflammatory diseases, the emergence of resistance still remains the major barrier to achieve long-term remission in cancer treatment. with the aim of overcoming the resistance induced by type iib braf v600e selective inhibitor vemurafenib, and further ameliorating the antiproliferative activity, a novel type iia pan-raf inhibitors ia-io based on pyrrolo[2,3-d] pyrimidine scaffold were designed and evaluated in this work. herein, ...201930529543
correlation of skull morphology and bite force in a bird-eating bat (ia io; vespertilionidae).genetic and ecological factors influence morphology, and morphology is compatible with function. the morphology and bite performance of skulls of bats show a number of characteristic feeding adaptations. the great evening bat, ia io (thomas, 1902), eats both insects and birds (thabah et al. j mammal 88: 728-735, 2007), and as such, it is considered to represent a case of dietary niche expansion from insects to birds. how the skull morphology or bite force in i. io are related to the expanded die ...202032206076
discovery of novel bat coronaviruses in south china that use the same receptor as middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus.middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) has represented a human health threat since 2012. although several mers-related covs that belong to the same species as mers-cov have been identified from bats, they do not use the mers-cov receptor, dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (dpp4). here, we screened 1,059 bat samples from at least 30 bat species collected in different regions in south china and identified 89 strains of lineage c betacoronaviruses, including tylonycteris pachypus coronavirus ...201829669833
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