pristionchus uniformis, should i stay or should i go? recent host range expansion in a european nematode.pristionchus pacificus has been developed as a model system in evolutionary developmental biology, evolutionary ecology, and population genetics. this species has a well-known ecological association with scarab beetles. generally, pristionchus nematodes have a necromenic association with their beetle hosts. arrested dauer larvae invade the insect and wait for the host's death to resume development. only one pristionchus species is known to frequently associate with a non-scarab beetle. pristionc ...201122393515
chroniodiplogaster formosiana sp. n. (rhabditida: diplogastridae) from chinese populations of odontotermes formosanus shiraki (isoptera: termitidae).chroniodiplogaster formosiana sp. n. (rhabditida: diplogastridae) is described from a population of odontotermes formosanus shiraki (isoptera: termitidae) collected from dead (unidentified) wood at dinghu park, china. characters of c. formosiana which separate it from c. aerivora (cobb) are a longer tail, the presence of four micropapillae (quadriform condition), and the adjacent position of the second and third macropapillae on the male tail. the diplogasterid pristionchus uniformis fedorko & s ...200619259445
nematodes of the genus pristionchus are closely associated with scarab beetles and the colorado potato beetle in western europe.evolutionary developmental biology examines how changes in developmental programmes give rise to developmental and, ultimately, morphological novelty. to this end, comparisons of related but distinct organisms have to be performed. the diplogastrid nematode pristionchus pacificus has been developed as a satellite system for a detailed comparison of various developmental processes to the model organism caenorhabditis elegans, a rhabditid nematode. in addition to developmental and genetic studies, ...200616616467
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