rickettsial diseases and ectoparasites from military bases in japan.ectoparasitic arthropods are often vectors of rickettsiosis. we conducted a survey of ectoparasites on u.s. military facilities throughout japan with the use of specimens submitted by pest control, public health, and veterinary personnel. over 1,600 individual ectoparasites were collected. fifteen species were identified, including several significant vectors of human diseases such as scrub typhus and rickettsial spotted fevers. these ectoparasites included ctenocephalides felis , haemaphysalis ...201525548900
bartonella japonica sp. nov. and bartonella silvatica sp. nov., isolated from apodemus mice.two bacterial strains, fuji 18-1(t) and fuji 23-1(t), were isolated from the blood of the small japanese field mouse (apodemus argenteus) and the large japanese field mouse (apodemus speciosus), respectively, specimens of which were captured in the forest of mount fuji, japan. phenotypic characterization (growth conditions, incubation periods, biochemical properties and cell morphologies), dna g+c contents (40.1 mol% for strain fuji 18-1(t) and 40.4 mol% for strain fuji 23-1(t)) and sequence ana ...201019656930
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