survey of infectious agents in the endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes): high prevalence and diversity of hemotrophic mycoplasmas.very little is known about the diseases affecting the darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes), which is considered to be one of the most endangered carnivores worldwide. blood samples of 30 foxes captured on chiloé island (chile) were tested with a battery of pcr assays targeting the following pathogens: ehrlichia/anaplasma sp., rickettsia sp., bartonella sp., coxiella burnetti, borrelia sp., mycoplasma sp., babesia sp., hepatozoon canis, hepatozoon felis, leishmania donovani complex, and filariae. an ...201324176254
molecular identification of a novel gammaherpesvirus in the endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes).we report the detection and characterization of a novel gammaherpesvirus in the critically endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes; syn. pseudalopex fulvipes) on chiloé island, chile. out of 28 analysed blood samples stored in alcohol, four were positive for this herpesvirus using a previously described pan-herpesvirus pcr assay targeting the herpesvirus dna polymerase. positive samples were subsequently characterized by means of a pcr targeting a 500 bp fragment of the glycoprotein b of the ...201324045108
ear mites, otodectes cynotis, on wild foxes (pseudalopex spp.) in chile.we found the ear mite parasite (otodectes cynotis; acari: psoroptidae) in two distant insular endangered fox populations in chile. we identified o. cynotis in both the darwin's fox (pseudalopex fulvipes) from chiloé and the fuegian culpeo (pseudalopex culpaeus lycoides) in tierra del fuego. these populations are approximately 2,000 km apart. infestation rates were high for both endemic foxes: 76% (19/25) of darwin's foxes were affected, and 73% (11/15) of fuegian culpeos had ear mites. two darwi ...202031329523
a forest-specialist carnivore in the middle of the desert?comments on present comments on an article recently published in ecology and evolution ("high-resolution melting of the cytochrome b gene in fecal dna: a powerful approach for fox species identification of the lycalopex genus in chile") by anabalon et al. that reported the presence of darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes), a temperate forest specialist, in the hyperarid atacama desert of northern chile. we argue that this putative record lacks ecological support in light of ongoing research on this endangere ...202032313639
hemoplasmas are endemic and cause asymptomatic infection in the endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes).mycoplasma haemocanis is prevalent in the endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes) in its main stronghold, chiloé island (chile). the origin of the infection, its dynamics, its presence in other fox populations and the potential consequences for fox health remain unexplored. for 8 years, hemoplasmal dna was screened and characterized in blood from 82 foxes in chiloé and two other fox populations and in 250 free-ranging dogs from chiloé. the prevalence of m. haemocanis in foxes was constant d ...202032276983
an eight-year survey for canine distemper virus indicates lack of exposure in the endangered darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes).no evidence of exposure to canine distemper virus (cdv) was detected in 70 samples corresponding to 58 wild-trapped darwin's foxes (lycalopex fulvipes) in chile. given its current endangered status and it being immunologically naïve, in the event of a cdv spillover from dogs to foxes, high population mortality is expected.202031833816
ecological niche modeling re-examined: a case study with the darwin's fox.many previous studies have attempted to assess ecological niche modeling performance using receiver operating characteristic (roc) approaches, even though diverse problems with this metric have been pointed out in the literature. we explored different evaluation metrics based on independent testing data using the darwin's fox (lycalopex fulvipes) as a detailed case in point. six ecological niche models (enms; generalized linear models, boosted regression trees, maxent, garp, multivariable kernel ...201829876055
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