transitional sublethal and lethal effects of insecticides after dermal exposures to five economic species of wireworms (coleoptera: elateridae).during an insecticide toxicity study involving field-collected dusky wireworm, agriotes obscurus (l.) (coleoptera: elateridae), wireworms exposed dermally to six classes of insecticides exhibited characteristic transitional symptoms of toxicity. these symptoms, collectively termed "morbidity," were categorized as "writhing," "leg and mouthpart movements," or "mouthpart-only body movements." these symptoms could persist for long periods, depending on insecticide and dose, with morbid wireworms ul ...200818459400
occurrence of agriotes wireworms in austrian agricultural land.agriotes wireworms (coleoptera: elateridae) are abundant soil-dwelling herbivores which can inflict considerable damage to field crops. in europe up to 40 species occur, differing in their ecology and pest status. their distribution in the larval stage, however, has rarely been assessed because of the considerable effort in collecting wireworms and the difficulties in identifying them to species-level. here, we examined the occurrence of agriotes wireworms in austrian agricultural land with rega ...201123459669
climatic, edaphic factors and cropping history help predict click beetle (coleoptera: elateridae) (agriotes spp.) is assumed that the abundance of agriotes wireworms (coleoptera: elateridae) is affected by agro-ecological factors such as climatic and edaphic factors and the crop/previous crop grown at the sites investigated. the aim of this study, conducted in three different geographic counties in croatia from 2007 to 2009, was to determine the factors that influence the abundance of adult click beetle of the species agriotes brevis cand., agriotes lineatus (l.), agriotes obscurus (l.), agriotes sputato ...201526175463
how generalist herbivores exploit belowground plant diversity in temperate grasslands.belowground herbivores impact plant performance, thereby inducing changes in plant community composition, which potentially leads to cascading effects onto higher trophic levels and ecosystem processes and productivity. among soil-living insects, external root-chewing generalist herbivores have the strongest impact on plants. however, the lack of knowledge on their feeding behaviour under field conditions considerably hampers achieving a comprehensive understanding of how they affect plant commu ...201424188592
identification of sex pheromone composition of click beetle agriotes brevis candeze.geranyl butyrate (gb) and (e, e)-farnesyl butyrate (fb) were identified in the pheromone gland extract of females of the click beetle, agriotes brevis (candeze) (coleoptera: elateridae) as the major sex pheromone components. polyethylene vial dispensers containing 20-200 mg of a 1:1 mixture caught high numbers of beetles. captures did not decrease even after 73 days of field exposure of dispensers. at sites where both agriotes sputator l. and a. brevis were present, the above baits were selectiv ...200212371816
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