[parasites of austrian birds of prey (falconiformes)].during the examination of 158 birds of prey -- buteo buteo (85), falco tinnunculus (30), accipiter gentilis (19), accipiter nisus (18), circus aeruginosus (2), circus pygargus (1), pandion haliaetus (1), pernis apivorus (1), falco subbuteo (1) and faeces samples of falco tinnunculus 4 protozoan species, 1 trematode species, 2 cestode species, 13 nematode species, 2 acanthocephalan species and 5 mallophaga species could be detected. in the buzzard, kestrel and goshawk a new species of capillaria ...19807212374
pcdds/pcdfs, pcbs, and organochlorine pesticides in eggs of eurasian sparrowhawks (accipiter nisus), hobbies (falco subbuteo), and northern goshawks (accipiter gentilis) collected in the area of berlin-brandenburg, germany.concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (pcdds), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (pcdfs), polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs), and organochlorine (oc) pesticides were measured in unsuccessfully hatched eggs of three different kinds of predatory birds: 3 eggs of sparrowhawks, 7 eggs of hobbies, and 16 eggs of goshawks collected in the german region of berlin-brandenburg. using toxic equivalency factors for birds, eggs of hobbies contained mean concentrations of 478 pg teq/g fat and 551 pg ...200211994791
occurrence of mycoplasmas in free-ranging birds of prey in germany.mycoplasmas are well-known avian pathogens of poultry and some passerines. although reported in birds of prey, their role as pathogens is still unclear. healthy, free-ranging raptor nestlings sampled during a routine ringing (banding) program, and birds of prey from rehabilitation centers, tested positive for mycoplasma spp. by culture and a genus-specific polymerase chain reaction (pcr). given the lack of clinical signs and disease, we suggest that mycoplasmas in raptors may be commensal rather ...200818957640
how hazardous is the sahara desert crossing for migratory birds? indications from satellite tracking of raptors.we investigated the risk associated with crossing the sahara desert for migrating birds by evaluating more than 90 journeys across this desert by four species of raptors (osprey pandion haliaetus, honey buzzard pernis apivorus, marsh harrier circus aeruginosus and eurasian hobby falco subbuteo) recorded by satellite telemetry. forty per cent of the crossings included events of aberrant behaviours, such as abrupt course changes, slow travel speeds, interruptions, aborted crossings followed by ret ...201019955169
permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 may 2009-31 july 2009.this article documents the addition of 512 microsatellite marker loci and nine pairs of single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) sequencing primers to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: alcippe morrisonia morrisonia, bashania fangiana, bashania fargesii, chaetodon vagabundus, colletes floralis, coluber constrictor flaviventris, coptotermes gestroi, crotophaga major, cyprinella lutrensis, danaus plexippus, fagus grandifolia, falco tinnunculus, fle ...200921564933
semen evaluation in four autochthonous wild raptor species using computer-aided sperm least 10 percent of the approximately 300 species of the order falconiformes are listed as being globally threatened. the present work describes the seminal characteristics of three diurnal and one nocturnal raptor species. semen was collected from clinically healthy accipiter nisus (n = 1), falco subbuteo (n = 6), and falco tinnunculus (n = 5) adult males that were housed at the 'centro animali non convenzionali' of the department of veterinary sciences of the university of turin. the semen ...201626725000
woodpigeons nesting in association with hobby falcons: advantages and choice rules.many bird species nest in close association with other bolder and more aggressive birds which provide protection against nest predators. the woodpigeons, columba palumbus, that nest in poplar plantations in northern italy are found almost exclusively clumped around hobby, falco subbuteo, nests. woodpigeons settle in the area and build their nests after the hobby has started nesting. we carried out experiments with dummy nests and observations on woodpigeon nests. dummy woodpigeon nests placed ne ...199910053079
breeding habitat and nest-site selection by an obligatory "nest-cleptoparasite", the amur falcon falco amurensis.the selection of a nest site is crucial for successful reproduction of birds. animals which re-use or occupy nest sites constructed by other species often have limited choice. little is known about the criteria of nest-stealing species to choose suitable nesting sites and habitats. here, we analyze breeding-site selection of an obligatory "nest-cleptoparasite", the amur falcon falco amurensis. we collected data on nest sites at muraviovka park in the russian far east, where the species breeds ex ...201931938530
neighborhood effects in bird distributions, navarre, spainthis study examines the role of neighborhood effects in the spatial distributions of selected bird species in navarre, spain. we employed a geographic information system (gis) to organize the data on bird distributions and relevant environmental variables and to analyze their spatial patterns. three bird species were selected for analysis: the european honey-buzzard (pernis apivorus), the eurasian hobby (falco subbuteo), and the european pied flycatcher (ficedula hypoleuca). selected environment ...19968703105
converging migration routes of eurasian hobbies falco subbuteo crossing the african equatorial rain forest.autumn migration of adult eurasian hobbies falco subbuteo from europe to southern africa was recorded by satellite telemetry and observed routes were compared with randomly simulated routes. two non-random features of observed routes were revealed: (i) shifts to more westerly longitudes than straight paths to destinations and (ii) strong route convergence towards a restricted area close to the equator (1 degree s, 15 degrees e). the birds migrated south or southwest to approximately 10 degrees n ...200918986977
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