actinomyces succiniciruminis sp. nov. and actinomyces glycerinitolerans sp. nov., two novel organic acid-producing bacteria isolated from rumen.two bacterial strains, am4 and g10 were isolated from rumen fluid of different ruminants: cow (holstein-friesian) and sheep (slovenskè merino), respectively. they were isolated from different hosts and regions, but showed 99.2% similarity of the 16s rrna genes. both strains are versatile and ferment various sugars to mainly succinate and lactate and small amounts of acetate and formate. the 16s rrna sequences of am4 and g10 revealed that they belonged to the genus actinomyces, and are related to ...201627613227
actinomyces massiliensis sp. nov., isolated from a patient blood culture.gram-positive, non-spore-forming rods (strain 4401292(t)) were isolated from a human blood sample. based on cellular morphology and the results of biochemical tests, this strain was tentatively identified as belonging to an undescribed species of the genus actinomyces. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequence comparison showed that the bacterium was related closely to actinomyces gerencseriae (95.1 % 16s rrna gene sequence similarity), actinomyces israelii (95.2 %), actinomyces oric ...200919244437
actinomyces ruminicola sp. nov., isolated from cattle rumen.two obligate anaerobic bacterial strains, b71(t) and d471, were isolated from cattle rumen. the novel strains were gram-positive and rod-shaped. the strains hydrolysed xylan and starch, fermented some mono-, di- and oligosaccharides and produced formic, acetic and lactic acids as end products from glucose. growth of the isolates was observed at 20-55 degrees celsius and ph 6.5-9.0. the dna g+c contents of strains b71(t) and d471 were 68.06 and 68.26 mol%, respectively. although the two novel str ...200616957097
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