alterations of the gut microbiome of largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti) suffering from furunculosis.high-throughput sequencing was applied to compare the intestinal microbiota in largemouth bronze gudgeon either healthy or affected by furunculosis. proteobacteria, actinobacteria, tenericutes, firmicutes and bacteroidetes were detected as the predominant bacterial phyla in the gut of both diseased and healthy fish. the abundance of proteobacteria differed significantly between the two groups of fish, mainly due to the overwhelming prevalence of aeromonas in the diseased fish (81% ± 17%), while ...201627465687
spatiotemporal distribution and assemblages of fishes below the lowermost dam in protected reach in the yangtze river main stream: implications for river more and more ecologists concern about the impacts of dam construction on fish. however, studies of fishes downstream gezhouba dam were rarely reported except chinese sturgeon (acipenser sinensis gray). in this study, catch investigations and five hydroacoustic detections were completed from 2015 to 2016 to understand the distribution, size, and categories of fishes and their relationship with the environmental factors below gezhouba dam in protected reach in the yangtze river main stream. r ...201627843943
the influence of weight and gender on intestinal bacterial community of wild largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti, 1874).largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti) is of economic importance in china, distributed in upstream regions of the yangtze river in china. but it has recently dramatically declined and is close to elimination. however, there is little knowing about the character of its intestinal microbiota. this study was conducted to elucidate the intestinal microbiota of wild largemouth bronze gudgeon with different body weight and gender.201627549138
development of twenty-nine polymorphic microsatellite loci from largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti). 201425572062
comparative study of the complete mitochondrial genomes of the bronze gudgeon (coreius heterodon) and largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti).the bronze gudgeon (coreius heterodon) and the congeneric species largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti), two endemic fish species in china, are important economic fishes in local areas. the bronze gudgeon is distributed in yangtze river and huanghe river basin, whereas the largemouth bronze gudgeon is distributed only in the middle and upper reaches of yangtze river. here, we sequenced the complete mitochondrial genomes of the two species and compared the evolutionary rate differences b ...201323194151
effect of body size on organ-specific mitochondrial respiration rate of the largemouth bronze gudgeon.the effects of body size on the mitochondrial respiration rate were assessed in the heart, brain, gill, liver, and red muscle of largemouth bronze gudgeon, coreius guichenoti, from the yangtze river. body mass had a significant influence on the state 3 oxygen consumption rate of the mitochondria from the heart, gill, and red muscle. the relationships between body mass (m, g) and state 3 oxygen consumption rate (v(state 3), nmol o min(-1) mg(-1)) of the mitochondria were represented by the follow ...201322995995
aerobic swimming performance of juvenile largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti) in the yangtze river.largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti), a fish species once abundant in the yangtze river, has been rapidly declining in recent years. one important factor, among many, is the interruption of the free-flowing rivers by dams. to obtain data that can be applied to the design of an effective fishway for c. guichenoti and other species in the fish community, a laboratory study of juvenile c. guichenoti's swimming ability and energetics was conducted in a flume-type respirometer equipped with ...201222511339
effects of body mass and temperature on routine metabolic rate of juvenile largemouth bronze gudgeon coreius guichenoti.the effects of body mass (m) and temperature (t) on routine metabolic rate (m(r) ) were assessed in the largemouth bronze gudgeon coreius guichenoti, from three gorges reservoir, yangtze river, china. the m(r) increased with increasing m by factors (b-value in the equation m(r) = am(b) ) of 0·843, 0·800, 0·767, 0·788 and 0·822 at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30° c, respectively. a significant interaction between m and t on m(r) was observed. the variation in the b-value at different t suggests that the b- ...201222471803
genetic diversity in population of largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti sauvage et dabry) from yangtze river determined by microsatellite dna analysis.largemouth bronze gudgeon (coreius guichenoti sauvage et dabry 1874), one of the endemic fish species in the upper reaches of the yangtze river in china, is a benthic and potamodromous fish that is typically found in rivers with torrential flow. three dams in the yangtze river, ertan dam, three gorges dam and gezhouba dam, may have had vital impacts on the habitat and spawning behaviors of largemouth bronze gudgeon, and could ultimately threaten the survival of this fish. we studied the populati ...201021317547
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