analysis of yeast isolates related to metschnikowia pulcherrima using the partial sequences of the large subunit rdna and the actin gene; description of metschnikowia andauensis sp. nov.thirty-two yeast isolates were cultured from guts or excrements of three different pests of corn or from the stem of healthy corn. the strains were analyzed using msp-pcr (micro/minisatellite-primed polymerase chain reaction), sequences of the d1/d2 region of the large subunit rdna and a 979 bp long part of the actin gene (act-1). they seem to belong to three groups that are all sister groups of metschnikowia pulcherrima, m. fructicola and m. chrysoperlae. a new species, metschnikowia andauensis ...200516261861
metschnikowia sinensis sp. nov., metschnikowia zizyphicola sp. nov. and metschnikowia shanxiensis sp. nov., novel yeast species from jujube fruit.eight yeast strains were isolated from jujube fruit surfaces collected in shanxi and shandong provinces, china. all eight strains produced needle-shaped ascospores under suitable conditions. three separate groups, representing three novel species in the genus metschnikowia, were recognized by sequence comparisons of the 26s rdna d1/d2 domain and internal transcribed spacer (its) region. the names metschnikowia sinensis sp. nov. (type strain xy103(t)=as 2.3110(t)=cbs 10357(t)), metschnikowia zizy ...200616957129
metschnikowia species share a pool of diverse rrna genes differing in regions that determine hairpin-loop structures and evolve by reticulation.modern taxonomy of yeasts is mainly based on phylogenetic analysis of conserved dna and protein sequences. by far the most frequently used sequences are those of the repeats of the chromosomal rdna array. it is generally accepted that the rdna repeats of a genome have identical sequences due to the phenomenon of sequence homogenisation and can thus be used for identification and barcoding of species. here we show that the rdna arrays of the type strains of metschnikowia andauensis and m. fructic ...201323805311
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