hannaella siamensis sp. nov. and hannaella phetchabunensis sp. nov., two new anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast species isolated from plants.eight strains, representing two novel anamorphic yeast species, consisted of five strains isolated from the external surfaces of rice leaves (dmku-rp72(t), dmku-rp109, dmku-rp119, ye-124 and ye-156) and one from a corn leaf (dmku-cp430(t))4 collected in thailand, and one strain isolated from each of a composite flower (11-1114) and a fallen dead leaf (12-301); the latter two were collected in belize. on the basis of sequence analysis of the d1/d2 region of the large subunit rrna gene and the int ...201525644481
cryptococcus zeae, a new yeast species associated with zea mays.a new yeast, cryptococcus zeae (type strain hb 1207(t)) is described. six strains were isolated from corn and pests of corn in austria. microsatellite-primed polymerase chain reaction (msp-pcr) fingerprints showed that the strains are members of the same species. phylogenetical analyses of domains d1/d2 26s rdna and its 1-5,8s-its 2 sequences showed c. zeae to have the closest relationship to c. luteolus. the d1/d2 sequences of c. zeae fit with three korean cryptococcus sp. strains (af459690, af ...200616930968
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