genetic identification of novel poxviruses of cetaceans and pinnipeds.novel poxviruses were identified in skin lesions of several species of cetaceans and pinnipeds using polymerase chain reaction targeting dna polymerase and dna topoisomerase i genes of members of the subfamily chordopoxvirinae. with the exception of parapoxviruses, no molecular data of marine mammal poxviruses were available to infer genetic and evolutionary relatedness to terrestrial vertebrate poxviruses. viruses were assigned to a cetacean poxvirus 1 (cpv-1) group based on nucleotide and amin ...200616328132
identification of novel cetacean poxviruses in cetaceans stranded in south west england.poxvirus infections in marine mammals have been mainly reported through their clinical lesions and electron microscopy (em). poxvirus particles in association with such lesions have been demonstrated by em and were previously classified as two new viruses, cetacean poxvirus 1 (cepv-1) and cetacean poxvirus 2 (cepv-2). in this study, epidermal pox lesions in cetaceans stranded in south west england (cornwall) between 2008 and 2012 were investigated by electron microscopy and molecular analysis. p ...201526046847
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