tetraphyllidean cysticerci in the peritoneal cavity of the common dolphin.cysticerci of the cestodes monorygma grimaldii and phyllobothrium delphini were encountered during necropsy of an adult common dolphin (delphinus delphis) found dead on the southeastern coast of australia. monorygma grimaldii cysticerci were found within highly organized retroperitoneal cysts, whereas p. delphini cysticerci in the subcutaneous blubber did not occupy specialized structures. there was a localized lymphoplasmacytic host response to the presence of cysticerci of both species, but m. ...19979391979
macroparasites in cetaceans stranded on the northwestern spanish atlantic extensive parasitological survey was carried out during autopsy of 80 cetaceans representing 8 species within 4 families (delphinus delphis, stenella coeruleoalba, tursiops truncatus, grampus griseus, globicephala melas, kogia breviceps, phocoena phocoena and megaptera novaeangliae) collected on the northwestern spanish atlantic coast from february 1991 to october 1996. two species of tetraphyllidean cestodes (phyllobothrium delphini and monorygma grimaldii), 2 ascaridoid nematodes (anisakis ...19989676247
morphological and molecular characterization of tetraphyllidean merocercoids (platyhelminthes: cestoda) of striped dolphins (stenella coeruleoalba) from the western mediterranean.two types of tetraphyllidean merocercoids, phyllobothrium delphini and monorygma grimaldii, are well known from most cetaceans world-wide. the role of cetaceans in the life-cycle of these merocercoids is unclear because their specific identity is as yet unknown. the problem is compounded by poor descriptions of both merocercoids. we used light and scanning electron microscopy, and histological techniques to provide a thorough description of merocercoids collected from 11 striped dolphins, stenel ...200515830821
tetraphyllidean plerocercoids from western mediterranean cetaceans and other marine mammals around the world: a comprehensive morphological analysis.tetraphyllidean plerocercoids have occasionally been reported in marine mammals, but they have rarely been described in detail, and the ecological significance of these infections is unclear. we described plerocercoids collected from the mucosa of the terminal colon and rectum, the anal crypts, and the hepatopancreatic ducts of 7 striped dolphins stenella coeruleoalba, 1 cuvier's beaked whale ziphius cavirostris, and 3 risso's dolphins grampus griseus from the spanish mediterranean. we also exam ...200515856877
microtriches of tetraphyllidean metacestodes from western mediterranean striped dolphins (stenella coeruleoalba).the tegumental structures of two types of tetraphyllidean plerocercoids and two types of merocercoids (phyllobothrium delphini and monorygma grimaldii) from mediterranean striped dolphins, stenella coeruleoalba, are described for the first time using scanning electron microscopy. the tegument of all of the specimens was fully covered with microtriches. four basic types were found: filitriches, blade-like spinitriches of different sizes and shapes, cone-shaped spinitriches (with two parallel smal ...200515959909
insight into the role of cetaceans in the life cycle of the tetraphyllideans (platyhelminthes: cestoda).four types of tetraphyllidean larvae infect cetaceans worldwide: two plerocercoids differing in size, 'small' (sp) and 'large' (lp), and two merocercoids referred to as phyllobothrium delphini and monorygma grimaldii. the latter merocercoid larvae parasitize marine mammals exclusively and exhibit a specialised cystic structure. adult stages are unknown for any of the larvae and thus the role of cetaceans in the life cycle of these species has been a long-standing problem. the sp and lp forms are ...200717161403
metazoan parasites of cetaceans off the northeastern coast of brazil.this study represents the first survey of the parasitic fauna of cetaceans off the northeastern coast of brazil. parasites were collected from 82 animals rescued from the states of ceará to bahia, including the archipelago of fernando de noronha. a total of 14 species of cetaceans were evaluated: sotalia guianensis, stenella sp., stenella clymene, stenella longirostris, stenella coeruleoalba, stenella frontalis, megaptera novaeangliae, peponocephala electra, steno bredanensis, kogia breviceps, k ...201020638793
[parasitic metazoans of stenella coeruleoalba (cetacea: delphinidae) stranded along the coast of latium, 1985-1991].the striped dolphin represents the most common species of cetacean stranded along the italian coasts. a parasitological survey on 17 specimens of stenella coerulecaiba stranded along coasts of latium from 1985 to 1991, has been carried out. the morphological study enabled the identification of the following parasites. the sites are reported in brackets. digenea: campula rochebruni (liver), campula palliata (liver), pholeter gastrophilus (pyloric stomach). cestoda: tetrabothrium forsteri (intesti ...19969333750
pulmonary fungal infection caused by neoscytalidium dimidiatum in a risso's dolphin (grampus griseus).neoscytalidium dimidiatum was isolated from two 12-18 cm abscesses in the lung and the mediastinal lymph nodes of a stranded risso's dolphin (grampus griseus). histopathologic examination of samples of these organs revealed the presence of hyphae and sclerotic body-like fungal elements. photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae was recovered from the dolphin's organs which also were found to contain numerous monorygma grimaldii cysts. no histopathological signs of morbillivirus infection were seen ...201021174494
metazoan parasites from odontocetes off new zealand: new records.information about the parasite fauna of spectacled porpoises and cetaceans from new zealand waters in general is scarce. this study takes advantage of material archived in collections of the otago museum in dunedin and massey university in auckland, sampled from cetacean species found stranded along the new zealand coastline between 2007 and 2014. parasites from seven species of cetaceans (spectacled porpoise, phocoena dioptrica (n = 2 individuals examined); pygmy sperm whale (n = 1); long-finne ...201728799088
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