molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus infecting tobacco in yunnan, china.virus isolate y3v, obtained from tobacco showing leaf curl symptoms in yunnan, china, had particles with the size and morphology typical of geminiviruses. in reactions with a set of monoclonal antibodies raised against begomoviruses, y3v was readily differentiated from two previously studied chinese begomovirus isolates. the complete nucleotide sequence of a dna-a-like molecule of y3v was determined; it comprises 2744 nucleotides and has a typical begomovirus genome organization. when compared w ...200111676420
genetic and epidemiological characterization of middle point orbivirus, a novel virus isolated from sentinel cattle in northern australia.middle point orbivirus (mpov) was isolated in 1998 from a healthy cow pastured at beatrice hill farm, middle point (formerly coastal plains research station), 50 km east of darwin in australia's northern territory. the isolate could not be identified by using conventional serological tests, and electron microscopy indicated that it belongs to the family reoviridae, genus orbivirus. genetic sequencing of segments 2 and 3 revealed that this virus is related to yunnan orbivirus, an orbivirus known ...200718024911
peruvian horse sickness virus and yunnan orbivirus, isolated from vertebrates and mosquitoes in peru and australia.during 1997, two new viruses were isolated from outbreaks of disease that occurred in horses, donkeys, cattle and sheep in peru. genome characterization showed that the virus isolated from horses (with neurological disorders, 78% fatality) belongs to a new species the peruvian horse sickness virus (phsv), within the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae. this represents the first isolation of phsv, which was subsequently also isolated during 1999, from diseased horses in the northern territory of a ...200919766284
development of a rapid and comprehensive proteomics-based arboviruses detection system.a rapid and comprehensive protocol, which combines simple purification and liquid chromatography-electrospray ionisation-tandem mass spectrometry (lc-esi/ms/ms), was developed for identification of arboviruses in infected culture fluid. using this protocol, various arboviruses were detected including uncommon viruses that were described previously as banna virus and yunnan orbivirus. this approach is useful for the rapid screening of viral samples that cannot be identified by conventional gene a ...201020304016
distribution of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses in yunnan province near the china-myanmar-laos border.abstract. economic development and increased tourism in the southern region of yunnan province in china, adjacent to several countries in southeast asia, has increased the likelihood of import and export of vectors and vector-borne diseases. we report the results of surveillance of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses along the border of china-myanmar-laos in 2005 and 2006, and information associating several arboviruses with infections and possibly disease in local human populations. seven ...201121540383
zoonotic and emerging orbivirus infections.many novel emerging orbiviruses have been isolated in the past 15 years. important viruses include peruvian horse sickness virus (phsv) and yunnan orbivirus (yuov), pathogens of equids which were originally isolated almost simultaneously from 1997 to 1999 in the people's republic of china, australia and peru. yuov has also been isolated from cattle, sheep and a dog. the isolation of yuovfrom a dog is not the first case of an orbivirus being isolated from a carnivore. bluetongue virus and african ...201526601440
persistent and recrudescent infection in cattle following natural infection with middle point orbivirus.middle point orbivirus (mpov) is a recently described australian arbovirus, related to yunnan orbivirus from china. analysis of genetic variation within the major serotype gene of mpov isolates collected from sentinel cattle has identified eight co-circulating strains. the pattern of strain isolation from individual animals during the study period was consistent with an interpretation of persistent mpov infection of up to five months, featuring episodes of quiescence (below levels required for v ...201222415142
mobuck virus genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis: identification of a novel orbivirus isolated from a white-tailed deer in missouri, usa.the genus orbivirus includes a diverse group of segmented dsrna viruses that are transmitted via arthropods, have a global distribution and affect a wide range of hosts. a novel orbivirus was co-isolated with epizootic haemorrhagic disease virus (ehdv) from a white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) exhibiting clinical signs characteristic of ehdv. using antiserum generated against ehdv, a pure isolate of the novel non-cytopathic orbivirus was obtained in aedes albopictus cell culture. genomic ...201424114792
development and application of triple antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for begomovirus detection using monoclonal antibodies against tomato yellow leaf curl thailand virus.tomato yellow leaf curl thailand virus, tylcthv, is a begomovirus that causes severe losses of tomato crops in thailand as well as several countries in southeast and east asia. the development of monoclonal antibodies (mabs) and serological methods for detecting tylcthv is essential for epidemiological studies and screening for virus-resistant cultivars.201728558726
association of vectors and environmental conditions during the emergence of peruvian horse sickness orbivirus and yunnan orbivirus in northern peru.since 1983, cases of diseased donkeys and horses with symptoms similar to those produced by alphaviruses were identified in two departments in northern peru; however serological testing ruled out the presence of those viruses and attempts to isolate an agent were also unproductive. in 1997, also in northern peru, two new orbiviruses were discovered, each recognized as a causative agent of neurological diseases in livestock and domestic animals and, at the same time, mosquitoes were found to be i ...201526611971
molecular epidemiology of pseudorabies virus in yunnan and the sequence analysis of its gd gene.outbreaks of pseudorabies (prs) have occurred in yunnan, china, which caused significant economic loss. to determine the prevalence and origin of pr in yunnan, especially among vaccinated pigs, overall 791 samples of blood, tissue, semen, and sera were analyzed by serological methods, pcr, and sequence analysis of gd gene. detection with viral gi antibody or pcr showed that the yearly positive rates of pr virus (prv) in yunnan from 2010 to 2014 were 48.15, 21.26, 2.17, 5.22, and 0.35%, respectiv ...201728130636
molecular characterization of a new begomovirus infecting sida cordifolia and its associated satellite dna molecules.two virus isolates hn57 and hn60 were obtained from sida cordifolia showing mild upward leaf-curling symptoms in hainan province of china. comparison of partial sequences of dna-a like molecule confirmed the existence of a single type of begomovirus. the complete nucleotide sequence of dna-a of hn57 was determined to be 2757 nucleotides, with a genomic organization typical of begomoviruses. complete sequence comparison with other reported begomoviruses revealed that hn57 dna-a has the highest se ...200616990998
a recombinant begomovirus resulting from exchange of the c4 gene.a begomovirus isolated from malvastrum coromandelianum and tomato originating from yunnan province (china) was shown to be representative of a new begomovirus species, for which the name tomato leaf curl yunnan virus (tlcynv) is proposed. tlcynv has high levels of sequence identity to tomato yellow leaf curl china virus (tylccnv) across the whole genome, except for sequences encompassing the c4 gene. agrobacterium-mediated inoculation showed tlcynv to be highly infectious to a range of plant spe ...201323720217
a naturally occurring defective dna satellite associated with a monopartite begomovirus: evidence for recombination between alphasatellite and betasatellite.monopartite begomoviruses and their associated satellites form unique disease complexes that have emerged as a serious threat to agriculture worldwide. it is well known that frequent recombination contributes to the diversification and evolution of geminiviruses. in this study, we identified a novel defective satellite molecule (recsat) in association with tobacco leaf curl yunnan virus (tblcynv) in a naturally infected tobacco plant. sequence analysis showed that recsat comprises 754 nucleotide ...201324018984
malvastrum yellow vein yunnan virus is amonopartite begomovirus.nine samples of diseased malvastrum coromandelianum plants collected from the fields in yunnan province of china were found to be infected with malvastrum yellow vein yunnan virus (myvynv), when tested by pcr using specific primers. the results of pcr and southern blot analysis showed that only 4 samples out of 9 were associated with the satellite dnab molecules. their sequence analysis indicated that dnab molecules share 97.8%-99.4% of nucleotide sequence identities with dnab associated with my ...201020201610
yunnan orbivirus, a new orbivirus species isolated from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes in orbivirus designated yunnan orbivirus (yuov) was isolated from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes collected in the yunnan province of china. electron microscopy showed particles with typical orbivirus morphology. the yuov genome was sequenced completely and compared with previously characterized orbivirus genomes. significant identity scores were detected between proteins encoded by the segments (seg-1 to seg-10) of yuov and those encoded by their homologues in insect-borne and tick-borne orb ...200516298988
molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus species and its associated satellite dna isolated from malvastrum coromandelianum in china.a virus isolate y160 was obtained from malvastrum coromandelianum showing yellow vein symptoms in baoshan, yunnan province of china. the complete nucleotide sequence of dna-a was determined, it contains 2747 nucleotides and has typical genomic organization of a begomovirus. comparisons show that the total dna-a of y160 has the highest sequence identity (82.2%) with that of malvastrum yellow vein virus-[y47] (aj457824), while less than 77.6% identities are found when compared with the other begom ...200515965607
molecular characterization of tomato-infecting begomoviruses in yunnan, china.the importance of diseases of tomato caused by begomoviruses is increasing worldwide. here, we report that several begomoviruses are associated with tomato leaf curl disease in yunnan province, china. 14 tomato samples showing leaf curl symptoms were collected in three districts in yunnan, and they fell into four groups according to their reaction with a panel of 16 monoclonal antibodies in tas-elisa. comparison of partial dna-a sequences amplified with degenerate primers confirmed the existence ...200415593415
molecular characterization of squash leaf curl yunnan virus, a new begomovirus and evidence for recombination.virus isolate y23v, obtained from squash showing leaf curl symptoms in yunnan, china, was readily differentiated from four studied chinese begomovirus isolates in reactions with a set of monoclonal antibodies raised against begomoviruses. the complete nucleotide sequence (2714 nts) of the dna-a-like molecule of y23v was determined. the dna-a of y23v is most closely related to that of tomato yellow leaf curl thailand virus-[1] (tylcthv-[1]) (84% sequence identity). however, the ac1 and ac4 gene o ...200314551824
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