[comparative study of the chemical composition of excrement from some large african herbivorous mammals].in the course of an ecological and comparative study concerning the beetle and fly communities inhabiting the droppings of some large african grass-eating mammals, we analysed the chemical composition of fresh dung dropped in winter 1977-1978 and in spring 1978. the mammals concerned are : blesbok (damaliscus pygargus albifrons pallas), impala (aepyceros melampus licht.), bongo (boocerus euryceros ogilby), nyala (tragelaphus angasi angas), eland from cap (taurotragus oryx pallas), eland of lloyd ...19807258040
studies on the genus setaria viborg, 1795 in south africa. i. setaria africana (yeh, 1959).setaria africana (yeh, 1959) is represented by two subspecies, setaria africana africana troncy, graber & thal, 1976 from giant eland (taurotragus derbianus) from the central african republic and cameroon and setaria africana farchai troncy, graber & thal, 1976 from bushbuck (tragelaphus scriptus), also from the central african republic. material collected from nyala (tragelaphus angasii), bushbuck and kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) from several localities in the eastern region of south africa ...200011206389
myostatin rapid sequence evolution in ruminants predates domestication.myostatin (gdf-8) is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle development. this gene has previously been implicated in the double muscling phenotype in mice and cattle. a systematic analysis of myostatin sequence evolution in ruminants was performed in a phylogenetic context. the myostatin coding sequence was determined from duiker (sylvicapra grimmia caffra), eland (taurotragus derbianus), gaur (bos gaurus), ibex (capra ibex), impala (aepyceros melampus rednilis), pronghorn (antilocapra american ...200415522803
severe laminitis in multiple zoo species.a 10-year record review from a zoological institution in the western usa identified four cases of severe laminitis resulting in rotation and protrusion of the third phalanx through the sole. laminitis is reported in a masai giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi), a sichuan takin (budorcas taxicolor tibetana), a greater malayan chevrotain (tragulus napu) and a giant eland (taurotragus derbianus). this is the first report of severe laminitis with pedal bone rotation and protrusion in multi ...201424730432
description of a new species of eimeria schneider, 1875 (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from the western derby eland taurotragus derbianus derbianus gray (artiodactyla: bovidae) in senegal.examination of faecal samples from semi-captive western derby elands taurotragus derbianus derbianus gray, in the bandia and fathala reserves of senegal, revealed the presence of oöcysts of the genus eimeria schneider, 1875 that we considered to represent a new species, eimeria derbiani n. sp. the new species possesses nearly ellipsoidal oöcysts (length/width ratio 1.3) with a bi-layered wall and an average size of 27.6 × 21.5 μm. e. derbiani possesses a micropyle covered by a micropylar cap and ...201222581248
serum concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-i and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 and -3 in eight hoofstock species.the somatotropic axis, which includes growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor (igf)-i, and igf binding proteins (igfbp), is involved in the regulation of growth and metabolism. measures of the somatotropic axis can be predictive of nutritional status and growth rate that can be utilized to identify nutritional status of individual animals. before the somatotropic axis can be a predictive tool, concentrations of hormones of the somatotropic axis need to be established in healthy individuals. t ...201020853408
application of spatial and closed capture-recapture models on known population of the western derby eland (taurotragus derbianus derbianus) in trapping with capture-recapture analyses has provided estimates of the abundances of elusive species over the last two decades. closed capture-recapture models (cr) based on the recognition of individuals and incorporating natural heterogeneity in capture probabilities are considered robust tools; however, closure assumption is often questionable and the use of an mh jackknife estimator may fail in estimations of real abundance when the heterogeneity is high and data is sparse. a novel, s ...201526334997
phylogenomic study of spiral-horned antelope by cross-species chromosome painting.chromosomal homologies have been established between cattle (bos taurus, 2n = 60) and eight species of spiral-horned antelope, tribe tragelaphini: nyala (tragelaphus angasii, 2n = 55male/56female), lesser kudu (t. imberbis, 2n = 38male,female), bongo (t. eurycerus, 2n = 33male/34female), bushbuck (t. scriptus, 2n = 33male/34female), greater kudu (t. strepsiceros, 2n = 31male/32female), sitatunga (t. spekei, 2n = 30male,female) derby eland (taurotragus derbianus 2n = 31male/32female) and common e ...200818704723
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