absent or low rate of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus of bats (chiroptera).bats are the only flying mammals and have well developed navigation abilities for 3d-space. even bats with comparatively small home ranges cover much larger territories than rodents, and long-distance migration by some species is unique among small mammals. adult proliferation of neurons, i.e., adult neurogenesis, in the dentate gyrus of rodents is thought to play an important role in spatial memory and learning, as indicated by lesion studies and recordings of neurons active during spatial beha ...200717520014
[trypanosoma leleupi n. sp., parasite of hipposideros caffer in katanga]. 195114857556
bat flies (diptera: nycteribiidae and streblidae) infesting cave-dwelling bats in gabon: diversity, dynamics and potential role in polychromophilus melanipherus transmission.evidence of haemosporidian infections in bats and bat flies has motivated a growing interest in characterizing their transmission cycles. in gabon (central africa), many caves house massive colonies of bats that are known hosts of polychromophilus dionisi parasites, presumably transmitted by blood-sucking bat flies. however, the role of bat flies in bat malaria transmission remains under-documented.201627286888
trypanosoma livingstonei: a new species from african bats supports the bat seeding hypothesis for the trypanosoma cruzi clade.bat trypanosomes have been implicated in the evolutionary history of the t. cruzi clade, which comprises species from a wide geographic and host range in south america, africa and europe, including bat-restricted species and the generalist agents of human american trypanosomosis t. cruzi and t. rangeli.201323915781
[the mammals of guinea as reservoirs and carriers of arboviruses].a great body of data on the fauna and ecology of wild mammals and their participation in the circulation of arboviruses were collected when the ecology of the latter of the republic of guinea was studied in 1978 to 1989. a hundred and eighteen species belonging to 10 orders were identified. over 2,000 biological specimens were virologically and serologically examined. six arboviruses were isolated. these included dugbe virus (from the hussar monkey cercopithecus (erythrocebus patas) and 5 viruse ...200616562748
isolation and characterization of 11 novel microsatellite loci in a west african leaf-nosed bat, hipposideros aff. ruber.noack's leaf-nosed bat, hipposideros ruber, is a cryptic species within the hipposideros caffer species complex. despite a widespread distribution in africa and being host to potentially zoonotic viruses, the genetic structure and ecology of h. ruber is poorly known. here we describe the development of 11 novel polymorphic microsatellite loci to facilitate the investigation of genetic structure.201425189128
a study of leaf-nosed bats (hipposideros caffer and rhinolophus landeri) in a cave in northern nigeria. 19734761370
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