parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xx. arthropod parasites of the cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra).the arthropod parasite burdens of 14 cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra), shot for survey purposes in the mountain zebra national park in the eastern cape province, were determined. three species of gasterophilus larvae and 9 ixodid tick species were recovered. larvae of gasterophilus pecorum were the most numerous of the fly larvae recovered and margaropus winthemi was the most abundant tick. two horses examined in the park were infested with 3 species of gasterophilus larvae and 7 species ...19863763164
genetic diversity of piroplasms in plains zebra (equus quagga burchellii) and cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) in south africa.seventy edta blood samples collected from plains zebra (equus quagga burchellii) and cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) were screened for the presence of piroplasm parasite dna using quantitative t. equi-specific and b. caballi-specific taqman real-time pcr (qpcr) tests. t. equi parasite dna was detected in 60 samples, 19 of which were also positive for b. caballi. approximately 1480bp of the piroplasm 18s rrna gene was amplified and sequenced from 17 samples, while the v4 hypervariable reg ...201020833476
detection of bovine papillomavirus dna in sarcoid-affected and healthy free-roaming zebra (equus zebra) populations in south africa.the endangered cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) is protected in small numbers in a few isolated populations in south african game parks. since 1995, sarcoid lesions appeared in zebras in two of the parks. this study was undertaken to investigate if bovine papillomavirus (bpv) is associated with sarcoids in these zebras. a conventional pcr, targeting the e5 orf of bpv, and subsequent rflp analysis were initially used to demonstrate the presence of bpv-1 and -2 dnas in zebra sarcoid tumours ...200919428583
prevalence and body distribution of sarcoids in south african cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra).there are no reports in the literature describing any tumours, and specifically sarcoids, in zebras. the equine sarcoid, a locally aggressive, fibroblastic skin tumour, is the most common dermatological neoplasm reported in horses. the cape mountain zebra (cmz) has been described as one of the most vulnerable mammals in south africa with current populations existing in isolated units. all south african cmz are descendants from no more than 30 individual animals originating from 3 populations, na ...200718237037
in vitro isolation of equine piroplasms derived from cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) in south africa.twenty blood samples of zebras (equus zebra zebra) from the karoo national park and the bontebok national park in south africa, all seropositive for theileria equi, were subjected to in vitro culture to identify carrier animals and to isolate the parasites. sixteen animals had a detectable parasitaemia in giemsa-stained blood smears examined before culture initiation, the remaining four animals were identified as t. equi carriers by in vitro culture. cultures were initiated either in an oxygen-r ...200212356165
pathology and immunohistochemistry of papillomavirus-associated cutaneous lesions in cape mountain zebra, giraffe, sable antelope and african buffalo in south lesions associated with papillomaviruses have been reported in many animal species and man. bovine papillomavirus (bvp) affects mainly the epidermis, but also the dermis in several species including bovine, the best-known example being equine sarcoid, which is associated with bvp types 1 and 2. this publication describes and illustrates the macroscopic and histological appearance of bpv-associated papillomatous, fibropapillomatous or sarcoid-like lesions in cape mountain zebra (equus zebra ...201122135923
helminth parasites of cape mountain zebras from cape providence, south africa.parasites were collected from 13 cape mountain zebras (equus zebra zebra) in the mountain zebra national park, south africa, during four seasons of 1983 and 1984. eighteen nematode species belonging to the families atractidae, habronematidae, and strongylidae, and one species of cestode were recovered. the most abundant nematodes were cyathostomum tetracanthum, cylicostephanus longiconus and probstmayria vivipara. only one of the 10 cyathostome nematodes recovered, c. longiconus was present in e ...19948028118
Treatment of equine sarcoid in seven Cape mountain zebra (Equus zebra zebra).Equine sarcoid has been diagnosed in endangered Cape mountain zebra (Equus zebra zebra) in at least two game reserves in South Africa, with prevalence as high as 53% in Bontebok National Park. Seven Cape mountain zebras with sarcoids were treated with either surgical excision, 5-fluorouracil, allogenous vaccine, or a combination of 5-fluorouracil and allogenous vaccine. One of the two sarcoids on one of the 5-fluorouracil-treated zebras was left untreated. The microscopic features of the tumors ...201122102662
dental abnormalities in free-ranging cape mountain zebras (equus zebra zebra). 19846737614
testis size and onset of spermatogenesis in cape mountain zebras (equus zebra zebra).testis mass of adult cape mountain zebra stallions (mean 70.0 g) was appreciably less than that of other zebra species and domestic horses. the histological appearance of the testes of 11-, 24- and 29-month-old colts was typically prepubertal. spermatogenic activity of a 4-year-old stallion obtained at the end of summer was at a very low level, while a 4.5-year-old stallion obtained 6 weeks after the winter solstice showed a marked increase in spermatogenesis compared with the 4-year-old. stalli ...19883397947
descriptions of incisors of known-age cape mountain zebras, equus zebra zebra, from the mountain zebra national park.twelve sets of incisors of cape mountain zebras, 9 of which were from known-age individuals ranging in age from 11 months to 19 years, from the mountain zebra national park, are described and depicted to illustrate not only the eruption and replacement sequence, but also the changes with increasing age in the configuration of the occlusal surfaces and of the infudibulum. infundibula persist in maxillary incisors longer than in mandibular incisors. shallow infundibula were still present in the ma ...19873627729
reproductive characteristics of a free-ranging population of cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra).in a population of free-ranging cape mountain zebra, median age at first foaling was 67 months (range 38-105 months), median foaling interval was 25 months (range 13-69 months) and annual foaling rate was 32%. foaling rates of younger and older mares were similar. foals were born all year round with a peak corresponding to the rainy season (summer). conception occurred later in the season when the spring was dry.19853968662
blood chemical parameters in shot cape mountain zebra equus zebra zebra.serum levels of cortisol, sodium, potassium, chloride, urea, creatinine, total protein, albumin, phosphorus, aspartate transaminase, creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, iron, total magnesium, total calcium, alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase were determined in 11 short cape mountain zebra equus zebra zebra.19854078840
the arrangement of the muscle layers at the equine ileocaecal junction.the muscle layers of the ileocaecal junctions of horses (n = 18), plains zebras (equus burchelli antiquorum) (n = 3), mountain zebras (equus zebra zebra) (n = 2), and a donkey were examined macroscopically and microscopically. the muscular tunic of the ileocaecal papilla was made up of 3 layers: an innermost circular layer which was a continuation of the circular muscle of the ileum, a central longitudinal layer which was a continuation of one part of the longitudinal layer of the ileum and an o ...19883392703
the scrub hare, a reliable indicator of the presence of hyalomma ticks in the cape province.the host preferences of immature and adult hyalomma marginatum rufipes, hyalomma marginatum turanicum and hyalomma truncatum were studied at various localities in the cape province. the immature stages of all 3 ticks preferred scrub hares (lepus saxatilis) as hosts and were recovered from these animals even when few adult ticks were present on large herbivores in the locality. ground-frequenting birds were also infested, but only with immature h. marginatum rufipes and h. marginatum turanicum. s ...19873612673
descriptive study of an outbreak of equine sarcoid in a population of cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) in the gariep nature outbreak of equine sarcoid occurred in a population of cape mountain zebra (equus zebra zebra) at the gariep nature reserve located in the southern free state province of south africa in 1996. the course of the outbreak during 1996 to 2003 is described. during this period the average population size was 69 animals. initially (1996) all affected animals were removed from the population. new cases continued to manifest and the incidence varied between 4.6% and 17.6%. prevalence reached 24.7% in ...200617458342
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