novel adenoviruses in wild primates: high genetic diversity and evidence of zoonotic transmissions.adenoviruses (advs) broadly infect vertebrate hosts including a variety of nonhuman primates (nhps). in the present study we identified advs in nhps living in their natural habitat, and, through the combination of phylogenetic analyses with information on the habitat and epidemiological settings, we detected possible horizontal transmission events between nhps and humans. wild nhps were analysed with a pan-primate adv-pcr using a degenerate nested primer set that targets the highly conserved ade ...201121835802
isolation of a novel monkey adenovirus reveals a new phylogenetic clade in the evolutionary history of simian adenoviruses.adenoviruses of primates include human (hadv) and simian (sadv) isolates classified into 8 species (human adenovirus a to g, and simian adenovirus a). in this study, a novel adenovirus was isolated from a colony of cynomolgus macaques (macaca fascicularis) and subcultured in vero cells. its complete genome was purified and a region encompassing the hexon gene, the protease gene, the dna binding protein (dbp) and the 100 kda protein was amplified by pcr and sequenced by primer walking. sequence a ...201121414228
genome analysis of four old world monkey adenoviruses supports the proposed species classification of primate adenoviruses and reveals signs of possible homologous recombination.within the family adenoviridae, presently simian mastadenovirus a is the single species approved officially for monkey adenoviruses (advs), whilst the establishment of six further species (simian mastadenovirus b to simian mastadenovirus g) has been proposed in the last few years. we examined the genetic content and phylogenetic relationships of four old world monkey (owm) adv types [namely simian adv (sadv)-8, -11, -16 and -19] for which it had been proposed that they should be classified into ...201627010199
taxonomy proposal for old world monkey adenoviruses: characterisation of several non-human, non-ape primate adenovirus lineages.a species classification regarding old world monkey adenoviruses is proposed. we determined the nucleotide sequences of pcr-amplified fragments from the genes of the iva2, dna-dependent dna polymerase, penton base, and hexon proteins from every simian adenovirus (sadv) serotype that originated from old world monkeys for which the full genome sequence had not yet been published. we confirmed that the majority of old word monkey sadvs belong to two previously established species. interestingly, on ...201526370792
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