antimicrobial resistance and plasmid profile of bacterial strains isolated from the urbanized eltsovka-1 river (russia).antimicrobial resistance and plasmid profile of gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains isolated from the urbanized eltsovka-1 river (russia) were investigated. sequencing of the 16s rrna of of g+ strains showed 99-100% identity to that of bacillus aerophilus, bacillus altitudinis, bacillus amyloliquefaciens, bacillus anthrancis, bacillus barbaricus, bacillus cereus, bacillus flexus, bacillus indriensis, bacillus stratosphericus, bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis, bacillus thuringiensi ...201525803299
isolation and characterization of bacterial isolates algicidal against a harmful bloom-forming cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa.algicidal bacteria mai11-2, mai11-5 and mai11-10, which inhibited the growth of a harmful bloom-forming cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa, were isolated from a sewage treatment plant. the isolate mai11-5 was phylogenetically affiliated into the genus pedobacter, while mai11-2 and mai11-10 were closely related to bacillus aerophilus, bacillus altitudinis and bacillus stratosphericus with 100% identity based on 16s ribosomal rna sequences. co-cultivation of m. aeruginosa with the algicidal iso ...201223007101
xylanase production from bacillus aerophilus kgj2 and its application in xylooligosaccharides preparation.xylanolytic enzyme was produced using a newly isolated bacillus aerophilus kgj2 and low cost lignocellulosic sources in solid state fermentation. seven different agricultural residues (wheat bran, tea dust, saw dust, paper waste, cassava bagasse, rice straw and rice husk) and six nitrogen source namely yeast extract, beef extract, peptone, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, and ammonium chloride were examined for xylanase production. upon initial screening, wheat bran and ammonium chloride wer ...201424296408
biodegradation of imidacloprid by consortium of two soil isolated bacillus sp.imidacloprid degradation potential of bacterial cultures from sugarcane growing soils was studied in liquid culture and bacillus aerophilus and bacillus alkalinitrilicus showed maximum potential to degrade imidacloprid. hence, into a clay loam soil imidacloprid was added at 50, 100, and 150 mg kg(-1) along with 45 × 10(7) cells g(-1) soil of both species under autoclaved and unautoclaved conditions. under autoclaved conditions imidacloprid residues were degraded after 56 days to 3.18, 5.83 and 1 ...201425257222
characterization of bacillus spp. from the gastrointestinal tract of labeo rohita--towards to identify novel probiotics against fish pathogens.the aim of the present study is to screen and characterize endogenous microbiota bacillus spp. from the gastrointestinal (gi) tract of labeo rohita in order to evaluate their probiotic attributes. a total of 74 isolates from the gi of l. rohita were evaluated for their antimicrobial properties by agar well-diffusion method against fish pathogens. based on the better antibacterial features, three isolates (kadr1, kadr3, and kadr4) were selected for further delineation. the three selected isolates ...201525274116
the status of the species bacillus aerophilus and bacillus stratosphericus. request for an opinion.during a study assessing the diversity of the bacillus pumilus group it became apparent that the type strains of both bacillus aerophilus and bacillus stratosphericus were not available from any established culture collection, nor from the authors who originally described them. therefore, type strains of these species cannot be included in any further scientific studies. it is therefore proposed that the judicial commission of the international committee of systematics of prokaryotes place the n ...201525479956
rethinking the niche of upper-atmosphere bacteria: draft genome sequences of bacillus aryabhattai c765 and bacillus aerophilus c772, isolated from rice, we report two genome sequences of endospore-forming bacteria isolated from the rice fields of comporta, portugal, identified as bacillus aryabhattai c765 and bacillus aerophilus c772. both species were previously identified in air samples from the upper atmosphere, but our findings suggest their presence in a wider range of environmental niches.201525858824
production and optimization of xylooligosaccharides from corncob by bacillus aerophilus kgj2 xylanase and its antioxidant potential.the aim of the present study is to produce xylooligosaccharides (xos) from corncob xylan. the xylan was extracted from corncob using methods like dilute acid, dilute alkali and sodium hypochlorite treatment. corncob xylan extracted using alkali was characterized by ft-ir and tg-dsc. the extracted xylan was subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis using bacillus aerophilus kgj2 xylanase for xos production. to increase the yield of xos, the effects of various process parameters like substrate concentrati ...201526038103
identification of strains bacillus aerophilus mtcc 7304t as bacillus altitudinis and bacillus stratosphericus mtcc 7305t as a proteus sp. and the status of the species bacillus aeriusshivaji et al. 2006. request for an opinion.on the basis of 16s rrna, rpob, gyrb and pyca gene sequence analyses, characterization of biochemical features and other phenotypic traits and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) fingerprinting, it was ascertained that strains bacillus aerius mtcc 7303t, bacillus aerophilus mtcc 7304(t) and bacillus stratosphericus mtcc 7305(t) do not conform to the descriptions of the type strains of the respective species. strains mtcc 7303(t) and mtcc 7304(t) were indistinguishable from bacillus altitudin ...201526297145
diversity, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of culturable bacterial endophyte communities in aloe vera.twenty-nine culturable bacterial endophytes were isolated from surface-sterilized tissues (root, stem and leaf) of aloe vera and molecularly characterized to 13 genera: pseudomonas, bacillus, enterobacter, pantoea, chryseobacterium, sphingobacterium, aeromonas, providencia, cedecea, klebsiella, cronobacter, macrococcus and shigella. the dominant genera include bacillus (20.7%), pseudomonas (20.7%) and enterobacter (13.8%). the crude and ethyl acetate fractions of the metabolites of six isolates, ...201526454221
potential probiotics from indian major carp, cirrhinus mrigala. characterization, pathogen inhibitory activity, partial characterization of bacteriocin and production of exoenzymes.the study explored antagonistic activity of the cellular components of potential probiotic bacteria from mrigal (cirrhinus mrigala) against fish pathogens with a basic insight of the chemical nature of the antagonistic compound. totally 208 autochthonous gut bacteria were isolated, of which 22 strains revealed antagonism towards ≥2 of the six common fish pathogens. zones of inhibition (halo diameter) were presented as score and the four most promising strains were selected as putative probiotics ...201627663374
synergistic effect of photosynthetic bacteria and isolated bacteria in their antifungal activities against root rot fungi.antifungal bacteria (ab) in root rot fungus (rrf)-contaminated sweet potato farms were isolated, and seven strains were initially chosen as antagonistic candidates. an antagonistic test by using the mycelial disk placement method revealed that one ab strain by itself could inhibit the rrf growth. this ab strain was identified as bacillus polyfermenticus based on phylogeny of 16s ribosomal rna genes. two ab strains (bacillus aerophilus) displayed high levels of antifungal activity when paired wit ...201627667522
isolation and characterization of novel phorate-degrading bacterial species from agricultural soil.based upon 16s rdna sequence homology, 15 phorate-degrading bacteria isolated from sugarcane field soils by selective enrichment were identified to be different species of bacillus, pseudomonas, brevibacterium, and staphylococcus. relative phorate degradation in a mineral salt medium containing phorate (50 μg ml(-1)) as sole carbon source established that all the bacterial species could actively degrade more than 97 % phorate during 21 days. three of these species viz. bacillus aerophilus strain ...201424046230
bacillus xiamenensis sp. nov., isolated from intestinal tract contents of a flathead mullet (mugil cephalus).a taxonomic study was carried out on strain hyc-10(t), which was isolated from the intestinal tract contents of a flathead mullet, mugil cephalus, captured from the sea off xiamen island, china. the bacterium was observed to be gram positive, oxidase and catalase positive, rod shaped, and motile by subpolar flagella. the bacterium was found to grow at salinities of 0-12 % and at temperatures of 8-45 °c. the isolate was found to hydrolyze aesculin and gelatin, but was unable to reduce nitrate to ...201424158533
bacillus aerius sp. nov., bacillus aerophilus sp. nov., bacillus stratosphericus sp. nov. and bacillus altitudinis sp. nov., isolated from cryogenic tubes used for collecting air samples from high altitudes.four novel bacterial strains were isolated from cryogenic tubes used to collect air samples at altitudes of 24, 28 and 41 km. the four strains, 24k(t), 28k(t), 41kf2a(t) and 41kf2b(t), were identified as members of the genus bacillus. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences indicated that three of the strains, 24k(t), 28k(t) and 41kf2a(t), are very similar to one another (>98 % sequence similarity) and show a similarity of 98-99 % with bacillus licheniformis and 98 % with bacillus ...200616825614
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