predator-induced behavioral and morphological plasticity in the tropical marine gastropod strombus gigas.florida queen conch stocks once supported a significant fishery, but overfishing prompted the state of florida to institute a harvest moratorium in 1985. despite the closure of the fishery, the queen conch population has been slow to recover. one method used in the efforts to restore the florida conch population has been to release hatchery-reared juvenile conch into the wild; however, suboptimal predator avoidance responses and lighter shell weights relative to their wild counterparts have been ...200212200261
symbiotic association between symbiodinium and the gastropod strombus gigas: larval acquisition of symbionts.the importance of the dinoflagellate symbiodinium sp. was studied in the early life stages of the gastropod strombus gigas. this dinoflagellate was not found in the eggs or the gelatinous mass surrounding the eggs of the mollusk; therefore, symbiodinium is not inherited directly. to determine whether the planktonic veligers can acquire these algae from the environment, they were exposed to freshly isolated symbiodinium from adult s. gigas (homologous). the optimal stage for symbiodinium inoculat ...201424037186
evaluation of bioassays to monitor surface microlayer toxicity in tropical marine waters.bioassays were developed, using embryos of: coral,montastraea faveolata; graysby, epinephelus cruentatus;grouper, epinephelus adscensionis x gruttatus (hybrid); queenconch, strombus gigas; rock-boring urchin, echinodermatalucunter; spotted seatrout, cynoscion nebulosus; variegatedurchin, lytechinus variegatus; winged pearl oyster, pteriacolymbus; and yellowtail snapper, ocyurus chrysurus. relativesensitivities and precison of various species-endpoint combinations wereevaluated using three refere ...19979069187
conversion of bulk seashells to biocompatible hydroxyapatite for bone implants.strombus gigas (conch) shells and tridacna gigas (giant clam) shells have dense, tailored structures that impart excellent mechanical properties to these shells. in this investigation, conch and clam seashells were converted to hydroxyapatite (hap) by a hydrothermal method at different temperatures and for different conversion durations. dense hap structures were created from these shells throughout the majority of the samples at the relative low temperature of approximately 200 degrees c. the a ...200717684000
[ingestion and digestion of seven species of microalgae by larvae of strombus gigas (mesogastropoda: strombidae)].the potential nutritional value of seven microalgal diets as measured by their ingestibility and digestibility to queen conch strombus gigas larvae was tested with 30 day old larvae reared at 28 degrees c and fed at 1000 cells x ml(-1). the algae were tetraselmis suecica, tetraselmis chuii isochrysis aff. galbana, dunaliella tertiolecta, chlamydomonas coccoides, chaetoceros sp. and thalassiosira fluviatilis. ingestion and digestion were measured by the four nutritional stages studied with epiflu ...200015266796
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