status of the genus cyrnea (nematoda: spiruroidea) in wild turkeys from the southeastern united states.two species of cyrnea are reported from 706 wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) from 25 localities in 9 southeastern states. cyrnea (cyrnea) neeli sp. n. in birds from alabama and florida is differentiated primarily by distal processes of the left spicule and spicule lengths. specimens from wild turkeys previously reported as c. eurycerca are identified as c. coloni. the configuration of caudal papillae of c. colini is redescribed. neither species occurred in birds from montainous regions, and c. ...1977859088
ecology of helminth parasitism in bobwhites from northern florida.examination of 700 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus), 50 each february from 1971 through 1984, from tall timbers research station, leon county, florida, disclosed 15 species of helminth parasites. nine species (raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, aproctella stoddardi, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, dispharynx nasuta, heterakis isolonche, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis) generally were found on an annual basis and were considered characteristic components of the ...19912067041
gastrointestinal helminths of the northern bobwhite in florida: 1968 and 1983.we collected 153 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus) over a 10-mo period from tall timbers research station near tallahassee, florida, usa. five species of gastrointestinal helminths were encountered commonly (greater than 30% prevalence): cyrnea colini, raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, heterakis isolonche, and trichostrongylus tenuis. other helminths included brachylaima sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, cheilospirura spinosa, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonema ingluvicola ...19863503136
health status of northern bobwhite quail (colinus virginianus) in eastern kansas.the health status of wild northern bobwhite quail (colinus virginianus) from lyon county, kansas, was evaluated by conducting comprehensive health assessments on 25 birds. gross lesions indicative of avian pox, ulcerative enteritis, and quail bronchitis were not present. serologic tests for antibodies to salmonella pullorum, salmonella gallinarum, pasteurella multocida, mycoplasma gallisepticum, mycoplasma synoviae, and avian adenoviruses were all negative. intestinal coccidia (eimeria spp.) wer ...200011195653
nematodes from swainson's spurfowl pternistis swainsonii and an orange river francolin scleroptila levaillantoides in free state province, south africa, with a description of tetrameres swainsonii n. sp. (nematoda: tetrameridae).five swainson's spurfowl collected in free state province, south africa, were examined for helminth parasites, and the nematodes acuaria gruveli, cyrnea parroti, gongylonema congolense, subulura dentigera, subulura suctoria and a new tetrameres species were recovered. their respective prevalence was 100, 20, 80, 20, 20 and 20%. these nematodes are all new parasite records for swainson's spurfowl, and acuaria gruveli constitutes a new geographical record as well. a single specimen of cyrnea euryc ...200818752725
the helminth community of helmeted guineafowls, numida meleagris (linnaeus, 1758), in the north of limpopo province, south africa.the helminths of 15 helmeted guineafowls were collected in the north of limpopo province, south africa. a total of 11 cestode, ten nematode and a single acanthocephalan species were present. species richness ranged from 8 to 16 species per host, and nine core and nine secondary species accounted for 40.9% of the component parasite community. the remaining 18.2% comprised satellite species. core species represented 91% of all the worms present. individual intensities ranged from 66 to 2,724 per h ...200819040137
helminths of guineafowls in limpopo province, south africa.between july 2005 and november 2006 the gastro-intestinal helminths of 15 helmeted guineafowls and a single crested guineafowl from musina, limpopo province were examined, and in july and august 2005 helminths were collected from five helmeted guineafowls from mokopane in the same province. the acanthocephalan mediorhynchus gallinarum, the cestodes abuladzugnia gutterae, davainea nana, hymenolepis cantaniana, numidella numida, octopetalum numida, ortleppolepis multiuncinata, porogynia paronai, r ...200718453236
phylogenetic relationships of spiruromorpha from birds of prey based on 18s rdna.a total of 153 free-ranging birds from germany belonging to 15 species were examined for nematodes in their digestive and respiratory tracts. in 51.7% of the birds 14 different nematode species were found: the intestinal ascarids porrocaecum depressum and p. angusticolle, the strongylid hovorkonema variegatum, which inhabits the trachea and bronchi, the hairworms eucoleus dispar and capillaria tenuissima isolated from the digestive system, the spirurid nematodes cyrnea leptoptera, c. mansioni, c ...200818252018
seasonal trends of helminth parasites of bobwhite quail.helminthologic examination of 120 adult and 65 juvenile bobwhites (colinus virginianus) from leon county, florida, during a one-year period revealed seven common (> 30% prevalence) species including raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, heterakis bonasae, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis. less frequently found helminths included hymenolepis sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, aproctella stoddardi, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonem ...19807411743
a survey of gastrointestinal helminths of the common helmet guinea fowl (numida meleagris galeata) in burkina faso.guinea fowls in burkina faso (africa) harbored 13 species of helminth parasites. the two most abundant species were subulura suctoria and ascaridia numidae, which comprised 89% of the nematodes. the other nematode species (gongylonema congolense, eucoleus annulatus, synhimantus spiralis, tetrameres fissispina, and cyrnea parroti) occurred at low levels. five species of cestodes and one acanthocephalan were also present. it is likely that guinea fowl act as important reservoir hosts of chicken ne ...19854074242
[life cycle of tetrameres (microtetrameres) inermis (linstow, 1879): tetramerid nematode parasite of the weaver ploceus aurantius in togo].the tetramerid nematode tetrameres (microtetrameres) inermis (linstow, 1879), was found in the weaver ploceus aurantius in togo. its larval biology was studied in experimentally infected orthopterans tylotropidius patagiatus and locusta migratoria (acrididae). the length of infective third-stage larvae of t. (m.) inermis (1.5-1.6 mm) was shorter (2.2-2.6 mm) than those of the larvae of t. (m.) corax and t. (m.) helix. in the family tetrameridae the primitive nature of the sub-genus microtetramer ...19863813418
[biological cycle of cyrnea (procyrnea) mansoni seurat, 1914, a habronemid nematode parasite of birds of prey in togo].a habronemid nematode in birds of prey, milvus migrans bonaparti and accipiter badius linné, in togo, is identified as cyrnea (procyrnea) mansioni (seurat, 1914). larval development is experimentally studied in the orthopteran acrididae tylotropidius patagiatus karsch. the first three larval stages are described and illustrated. the biology of this spiruroid nematode is distinguished by the unusual rapidity of larval development (infective larvae at 10 days). comparison of the life cycle of c. m ...19836625469
[larval biology of cyrnea (cyrnea) eurycerca seurat, 1914, a habronemid nematode parasite of the francolin in togo].larval biology of the habronemid nematode cyrnea (cyrnea) eurycerca seurat, 1914, parasite of the double-spurred francolin francolinus bicalcaratus, in togo, is experimentally studied with the orthopteran acrididae tylotropidius patagiatus karsch as intermediate host. the first three larval stages are described and illustrated. infective larvae, which occur after two weeks of development at 30 degrees c, are unusually large (3 mm). the biology of this habronemid nematode is compared with the bio ...19836625468
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