co-operative effect of the isoforms of type iii antifreeze protein expressed in notched-fin eelpout, zoarces elongatus kner.we found that notched-fin eelpout, which lives off the north east coast of japan, expresses an antifreeze protein (afp). the liver of this fish contains dnas that encode at least 13 type iii afp isoforms (denoted nfeafps). the primary sequences of the nfeafp isoforms were categorized into sp- and qae-sephadex binding groups, and the latter were further divided into two subgroups, qae1 and qae2 groups. ice crystals observed in hplc-pure nfeafp fractions are bipyramidal in shape with different rat ...200515654886
prolonging hypothermic storage (4 c) of bovine embryos with fish antifreeze protein.embryos obtained via superovulation are necessary for mammalian artificial reproduction, and viability is a key determinant of success. nonfreezing storage at 4 c is possible, but currently used storage solutions can maintain embryo viability for only 24-48 h. here we found that 10 mg/ml antifreeze protein (afp) dissolved in culture medium 199 with 20% (v/v) fetal bovine serum and 25 mm hepes could keep bovine embryos alive for 10 days at 4 c. we used a recombinant afp isolated from the notched- ...201525311466
[restriction fragment variation of the mitochondrial gene of cytochrome b in some taxa of the eelpout family (pisces, perciformes, zoarcidae) from the northern sea of okhotsk].the first analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) of the mitochondrial gene of cytochrome b of fish from the eelpout family (zoarcidae) from the northern sea of okhotsk has been performed. the mean genetic distances between the subfamilies zoarcinae and lycodinae, subfamilies lycodinae and gymnelinae, and subfamilies zoarcinae and gymnelinae are 11.14, 13.87, and 14%, respectively. species of the genus lycodes (lycodinae) are characterized by a mtdna small divergence (on aver ...200818409393
hypothermic preservation effect on mammalian cells of type iii antifreeze proteins from notched-fin eelpout.antifreeze proteins (afps) can bind to the surface of ice crystals and have also been suggested to protect cells from hypothermic damage. the present study reports that type iii afps from notched-fin eelpout, zoarces elongatus kner, can protect cells during hypothermic storage. this fish naturally expresses at least 13 isoforms of type iii afp (denoted nfeafps), the primary sequences of which were categorized into sp- and qae-sephadex binding groups (sp- and qae-isoforms). we compared the preser ...200818603237
fully active qae isoform confers thermal hysteresis activity on a defective sp isoform of type iii antifreeze protein.type iii antifreeze protein is naturally expressed as a mixture of sulfopropyl-sephadex (sp) and quaternary aminoethyl-sephadex (qae)-binding isoforms, whose sequence identity is approximately 55%. we studied the ice-binding properties of a sp isoform (nfeafp6) and the differences from those of a qae isoform (nfeafp8); both of these isoforms have been identified from the japanese fish zoarces elongatus kner. the two isoforms possessed ice-shaping ability, such as the creation of an ice bipyramid ...200919187223
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