histopathology of infections by learedius learedi price, 1934 and neospirorchis schistosomatoides price, 1934 (digenea: spirorchiidae) in wild green turtles, chelonia mydas l., from bermuda. 19854078989
detection by elisa of circulating anti-blood fluke (carettacola, hapalotrema, and learedius) immunoglobulins in hawaiian green turtles (chelonia mydas).an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) is described utilizing the surface glycocalyx crude antigen of adult blood trematodes learedius learedi, hapalotrema dorsopora, and carettacola hawaiiensis, for the detection of circulating antibodies (ab) in hawaiian green turtles (chelonia mydas) naturally infected with the parasites and with or without green turtle fibropapillomatosis (gtfp). a concentration of 10.0 micrograms/ml of antigen was optimal in terms of test specificity and sensitivity. ...19957776127
learedius learedi infection in black turtles (chelonia mydas agassizii), baja california sur, turtle (chelonia mydas agassizii) carcasses, recovered as a result of incidental capture in magdalena bay, mexico, revealed invasion by spirorchiid trematode eggs in liver, kidney, intestines, muscle, heart, pancreas, and duodenum. seventy-five adult learedius learedi price, 1934, were recovered from the heart of 1 turtle. most of the organs showed a mild or absent inflammatory response in histological sections, with the exception of a pancreatic-duodenal section that revealed severe lymph ...200415270115
spirorchiidiosis (digenea: spirorchiidae) and lesions associated with parasites in caribbean green turtles (chelonia mydas).forty-seven nesting green turtles (chelonia mydas) were examined for parasitic pathogens. four species of cardiovascular flukes (digenea: spirorchiidae), learedius learedi, hapalotrema postorchis, monticellius indicum and amphiorchis solus were collected from 39 of 40 of the turtles, and neospirorchis species were identified in seven of the 47 by histological examination. the pathological changes associated with the spirorchiids and their eggs included aneurysms, arteritis of great vessels with ...200717921440
detection of spirorchiid trematodes in gastropod tissues by polymerase chain reaction: preliminary identification of an intermediate host of learedius learedi.marine spirorchiid trematodes are associated with morbidity and mortality in sea turtles worldwide. the intermediate hosts remain unknown, and discovery efforts are hindered by the large number and great diversity of potential hosts within sea turtle habitats, as well the potential for low prevalence and overdispersion. a high-throughput dna extraction and polymerase chain reaction-based method was developed to detect the internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) region of the ribosomal gene of 2 spi ...201020496958
digenetic trematode community in nesting green sea turtles (chelonia mydas) from tortuguero national park, costa rica.the digenetic community of 40 green sea turtles (chelonia mydas) was investigated at tortuguero national park, costa rica. in total, 24,270 trematodes belonging to 29 species and 6 families including clinostomidae 1, microscaphidiidae 5, paramphistomidae 2, pronocephalidae 15, rhytidodidae 2, and spirorchiidae 4 were recorded from chelonians examined. turtles harbored a mean of 7.63 +/- 3.5 sd species. only 3 species, i.e., learedius learedi, microscaphidium reticulare, and pyelosomum cochlear, ...200617304795
molecular analysis of the genera hapalotrema looss, 1899 and learedius price, 1934 (digenea: spirorchiidae) reveals potential cryptic species, with comments on the validity of the genus blood flukes of the genera hapalotrema looss, 1899 and learedius price, 1934 were collected from turtles off queensland and the hawaiian islands. specimens were identified as hapalotrema pambanensis mehrotra, 1973, h. synorchis luhman, 1935, h. postorchis rao, 1976 and learedius learedi price, 1934 on the basis of morphology. no major morphological differences were found between specimens from this study and previously published descriptions. dna was also extracted and sequences obtained u ...201525557748
serological association between spirorchidiasis, herpesvirus infection, and fibropapillomatosis in green turtles from florida.serodiagnostic tests for detecting green turtle (chelonia mydas) antibody responses were developed to test the strength of association between exposure to spirorchid trematode antigens or herpesvirus antigens and having green turtle fibropapillomatosis (gtfp). plasma samples from 46 captive-reared green turtles, including paired pre- and 1-yr post-inoculation samples from 12 turtles with experimentally induced gtfp, were found by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) to be negative for antib ...19989706559
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