naturally occurring fatal herpes simplex virus 1 infection in a family of white-faced saki monkeys (pithecia pithecia pithecia).a family of three white-faced saki monkeys (pithecia pithecia pithecia) died 48-96 hours after the onset of anorexia, nasal discharge, pyrexia and oral ulceration. one animal also had clonic seizures. lesions found post-mortem consisted of oral and esophageal ulcers, hepatic and intestinal necrosis, meningoencephalitis and sporadic neuronal necrosis. intranuclear inclusion bodies and syncytial cells were present in oral lesions and affected areas of liver. herpes simplex virus 1 (hsv-1) was iden ...200312733597
the somatic chromosome complement and the idiogram of pithecia pithecia pithecia (linnaeus, 1766).a detailed description is given of the somatic chromosomes of two specimens of pithecia pithecia pithecia. an indiogram, constructed on the basis of metrical chromosome data, is presented and compared with those of two other members of the pitheciinae. the possible karyological relationship with the pitheciinae, and the cytotaxonomic position of this group within the platyrrhini are briefly discussed.1975806509
gular scent glands in adult female white-faced saki, pithecia pithecia pithecia, and field observations on scent-marking behaviour. 19947797168
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