neobenedenia girellae (hargis, 1955) yamaguti, 1963 (monogenea: capsalidae) from cultured marine fishes of japan.the monogenean neobenedenia girellae (hargis, 1955) yamaguti, 1963 is redescribed and reported for the first time in japan. the parasite was recovered from the body surface, fins, and occasionally from the eyes of 14 species, comprising 5 families of cultured marine fishes from several localities in southwestern japan. neobenedenia melleni (maccallum, 1927) sensu kaneko et al. (1988) from tilapia (oreochromis mossambicus) in hawaii is synonymized with this species. examination of original specim ...19957707197
attachment-inducing capacities of fish tissue extracts on oncomiracidia of neobenedenia girellae (monogenea, capsalidae).when oncomiracidia of neobenedenia girellae (monogenea, capsalidae) were incubated in wells with lyophilized extracts of fish skin epithelia on the bottom, some attached to the well bottom with the haptor unfolded and shed the ciliated epidermal cells. based on these morphological changes in oncomiracidia, we developed a new assay method to examine the attachment-inducing capacities of various fish extracts for oncomiracidia. attachment-inducing capacities were found only in extracts of fish ski ...200010780535
pcr-sscp as a molecular tool for the identification of benedeniinae (monogenea: capsalidae) from marine fish.pcr-based single strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) analysis was used to characterize monogenean specimens of the subfamily benedeniinae of morphologically uncertain specific status from different marine fish species, using neobenedenia melleni, n. girellae and entobdella corona for comparison. the first internal transcribed spacer (its-1) and the 5' terminal variable region (d1-d3 domains) of the large subunit ribosomal dna (lsrdna) were amplified separately from individual monogeneans, an ...200415652218
a small ciliary surface glycoprotein of the monogenean parasite neobenedenia girellae acts as an agglutination/immobilization antigen and induces an immune response in the japanese flounder paralichthys olivaceus.the capsalid monogenean neobenedenia girellae, a parasite of seawater fishes, was found to express an antigen that elicits antibodies in rabbits, and these antibodies had agglutination/immobilization activity against n. girellae larvae (oncomiracidia) in vitro. indirect immunofluorescence staining of n. girellae oncomiracidia showed that this agglutination/immobilization antigen was expressed on the surface of cilia. an intraperitoneal injection of ciliary proteins (either sonicated or intact) w ...200516255817
antiparasitic effect of calcium and magnesium ion-free buffer treatments against a common monogenean neobenedenia girellae.this study investigated a new effective method for controlling the capsalid monogenean neobenedenia girellae. we examined in vitro and in vivo the effect on the percentage survival of n. girellae in buffers containing different metallic ions. decreased survival was observed in buffer solutions lacking two ions. in particular, the percentage survival of n. girellae was significantly decreased after 10 min exposure to buffer containing neither ca(2+) nor mg(2+). transmission electron microscopic o ...200717032471
expression of vasa (vas)-related genes in germ cells and specific interference with gene functions by double-stranded rna in the monogenean, neobenedenia girellae.neobenedenia girellae, a monogenean, is an important pathogen in marine cultured fish such as yellowtail and amberjack. an effective control method is required but none has yet been established. aiming to establish a new control method by interfering with the gametogenesis of n. girellae, we focused on vasa (vas)-related genes that are expressed exclusively in the germline granules in drosophila, caenorhabditis elegans and other animals. three vas-related genes (n. girellae vasa-like gene, ngvlg ...200717188275
purification and identification of a glycoprotein that induces the attachment of oncomiracidia of neobenedenia girellae (monogenea, capsalidae).neobenedenia girellae, a monogenean skin parasite, shows low host specificity. n. girellae is an important pathogen in marine cultured fish such as yellowtail and amberjack. an effective control method is required but none has yet been established. to clarify the mechanisms of host specificity, we purified and identified the attachment-inducing substances of oncomiracidia from tiger puffer fish. the attachment-inducing substances were mainly included in skin mucous extract. skin mucous extract l ...200717582417
response of neobenedenia girellae (monogenea) oncomiracidia to brightness and black-and-white contrast.neobenedenia girellae, a capsalid monogenean, is a significant pathogen due to both its ability to cause high mortality in fishes and its low host specificity. established control methods have both advantages and disadvantages. biological control measures with no unfavourable effects on the environment should be incorporated into the control strategy. the response of n. girellae oncomiracidia to brightness and black-and-white contrast was investigated to search for an alternative approach of dis ...200717599782
characterization of highly concentrated serum lectins in spotted halibut verasper variegatus.mannose-binding lectins were purified from flatfish spotted halibut (verasper variegatus) serum. these lectins, which we named vvl (verasper variegatus lectin)-alpha (approximately 33 kda) and vvl-beta (approximately 30 kda) (vvls), under non-reducing sds-page, were surprisingly highly concentrated in serum (1.92+/-0.55 mg/ml; n=5), compared with other serum lectins. both vvls are heterodimers comprised of 2 types of subunit via inter-subunit disulfide bonds, and one subunit of vvl-alpha has a n ...200818076773
lipid content and fatty acid composition of the monogenean neobenedenia girellae and comparison between the parasite and host fish species.neobenedenia girellae, a capsalid monogenean, is a destructive fish parasite. we studied the lipid content and fatty acid composition of n. girellae and the skin and cutaneous mucus of a host fish, the amberjack seriola dumerili (carangidae). the lipid content of adult n. girellae was less than one-fourth that of both the skin and cutaneous mucus of its host. adult n. girellae, s. dumerili skin and mucus had a relatively high weight-percentage of c16:0, c18:1(n-9), c18:0 and c22:6(n-3) fatty aci ...200818598577
a new bioadhesive material from fish parasite neobenedenia girellae.the purpose of the work was to identify the proteins present in the adhesive material of the capsalid neobenedenia girellae by a proteomic approach based on de novo sequencing and data base search to overcome the lack of information concerning the genome of these parasites. glandular secretions were obtained by a new method, set up in our laboratory, which allowed collecting a small amount of secretion without any contamination from other tissues either from the parasites as well as from the ski ...201425058576
insemination of the monogenean neobenedenia girellae (capsalidae, benedeniinae).in vitro spermatophore formation and insemination of neobenedenia girellae (monogenea: capsalidae, benedeniinae) were recorded on video and described for the first time. upon contact of two individuals, the anterior adhesive discs of the donor firmly attached to the dorsal tegument of the recipient and the donor's fore body strongly contracted such that the genital pore region protruded and the penis was pushed anteriorly to protrude through the genital pore. it is hypothesised that the donor pe ...201424513796
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