besnoitia bennetti in two mexican burros. 19734203448
redescription of besnoitia tarandi (protozoa: apicomplexa) from the reindeer (rangifer tarandus).besnoitia tarandi tissue cysts were found in naturally-infected reindeer (rangifer tarandus) from finland. infectivity of its tissue cysts, bradyzoites, and tachyzoites to animals and cell culture was studied. the bradyzoites and tissue cysts were not infectious to out-bred mice, rabbits or gerbils. when fed tissue cysts, neither cats nor dogs excreted oocysts. however, the parasite was lethal to interferon-gamma gene knock out mice irrespective of the route of inoculation. the parasite was grow ...200415491590
redescription of besnoitia bennetti (protozoa: apicomplexa) from the donkey (equus asinus).besnoitia bennetti tissue cysts were found in four naturally-infected donkeys (equus asinus) from the usa. infectivity of its bradyzoites and tachyzoites to animals and cell culture was studied. the bradyzoites were not infectious to out-bred swiss webster mice, rabbits or gerbils. when fed tissue cysts, cats did not excrete oocysts. however, the parasite was infectious to interferon-gamma gene knock out mice. the parasite from tissues of two donkeys was grown successfully in bovine monocyte mon ...200515862579
an outbreak of besnoitiosis in miniature donkeys.fourteen miniature donkeys (equus asinus) in a mid-michigan herd of 38 animals presented with clinical signs of besnoitiosis, including the presence of typical tissue cysts in the ocular sclera, the buccal and nasal mucosa, together with characteristic dermatitis in specific areas of the body. the common histopathological change seen was the presence of many 100-200-microm diameter, thick walled, typical besnoitia sp. tissue cysts together with a chronic cellular response associated with degener ...200517089758
besnoitia bennetti infection in miniature donkeys: an emerging protozoan of increasing concern. 200717317014
molecular biological comparison of different besnoitia species and stages from different countries.besnoitia besnoiti tissue cysts from a recent outbreak in cattle in germany were characterized with respect to their internal transcribed spacer regions 1, 2, and 18s rdna gene sequences. these results were compared with own sequences of an israelian isolate of b. besnoiti and of besnoitia jellisoni cystozoites stored for years in liquid nitrogen. furthermore, material was studied that was obtained from white mice (balb/c) that had been successfully infected by intraperitoneal infection of fresh ...201020135147
genetic characterization of the causative agent of besnoitiosis in goats in iran on the basis of internal transcribed spacer rdna and its comparison with besnoitia species of other hosts.this study was conducted to identify genetic characteristics of besnoitia spp. isolated from goat in iran. molecular analysis of two portions of nuclear ribosomal dna (its1 and its2) was used for the genetic characterization of the besnoitia species. comparison of the sequencing data of the iranian besnoitia samples obtained in the present study (genbank accession number hm008988) with those previously reported for other besnoitia spp. in the genbank database revealed a particularly close relati ...201020941630
quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction assays for the sensitive detection of besnoitia besnoiti infection in cattle.bovine besnoitiosis, an economically important disease in cattle in some countries of africa and asia, is emerging in europe. the definitive host of besnoitia besnoiti, the causative agent of bovine besnoitiosis, is unknown and the transmission of the parasite is not completely understood. sensitive and quantitative dna detection methods are needed to determine whether serologically positive animals are infectious and to examine the role of vectors (e.g. haematophagous insects) in the transmissi ...201121324596
serological diagnosis of besnoitia bennetti infection in donkeys (equus asinus).besnoitiosis is an emerging infectious disease of donkeys (equus asinus) in the united states for which there are currently no serologic methods of diagnosis. a study was performed to evaluate physical examination findings and 3 serologic assays for the detection of besnoitia bennetti infection in donkeys. a prospective study of 416 donkeys from 6 privately owned herds across 5 u.s. states (new york, pennsylvania, vermont, oregon, and washington) was performed. donkeys were examined for clinical ...201425227418
a serosurvey of selected cystogenic coccidia in spanish equids: first detection of anti-besnoitia spp. specific antibodies in europe.equine besnoitiosis, caused by besnoitia bennetti, and equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (epm), caused by sarcocystis neurona and neospora hughesi are relevant equine diseases in the americas that have been scarcely studied in europe. thus, a serosurvey of these cystogenic coccidia was carried out in southern spain. a cross-sectional study was performed and serum samples from horses (n = 553), donkeys (n = 85) and mules (n = 83) were included. an in-house enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elis ...201728490374
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