crystallization and preliminary x-ray diffraction studies on a trypsin/chymotrypsin double-headed inhibitor from horse gram.the bowman-birk family of proteinase inhibitors from seeds of leguminous plants usually have a molecular mass of 8000 to 10,000 da. horse gram (dolichos bifloros or macrotyloma uniflorum) seeds contain an unusual bowman-birk inhibitor of molecular mass 15,500 da active against both trypsin and chymotrypsin. in order to elucidate its three-dimensional structure, its evolutionary relationship with the more usual bowman-birk inhibitors and to study the structure-function properties, this inhibitor ...19948289258
lead induced changes in antioxidant metabolism of horsegram (macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc.) and bengalgram (cicer arietinum l.).one-month old horsegram (macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc. cv vzm1) and bengalgram (cicer arietinum l. cv annogiri) were exposed to different regimes of lead stress as pb(no3)2 at 0, 200, 500 and 800 ppm concentrations. the extent of oxidative damage as the rate of lipid peroxidation, antioxidative response and the accumulation of lead in roots and shoots of both plants were evaluated after 12 days of lead stress. lead (pb) treated plants showed increased levels of lipid peroxidation as eviden ...200515910908
purification and characterization of cysteine protease from germinating cotyledons of horse gram.proteolytic enzymes play central role in the biochemical mechanism of germination and intricately involved in many aspects of plant physiology and development. to study the mechanism of protein mobilization, undertaken the task of purifying and characterizing proteases, which occur transiently in germinating seeds of horse gram.200919919695
distribution of nutrients and antinutrients in milled fractions of chickpea and horse gram: seed coat phenolics and their distinct modes of enzyme inhibition.milled fractions of chickpea ( cicer arietinum l.) and horse gram ( macrotyloma uniflorum l. verdc.) were evaluated for their nutritional and antinutritional characteristics. crude protein content of these fractions ranged from 22.6-23.8 g 100(-1) g in cotyledon to 7.3-9.1 g 100(-1) g in seed coat fractions. the fat content of chickpea fractions (1.6-7.8 g 100(-1) g) was higher than that of horse gram fractions (0.6-2.6 g 100(-1) g). crude fiber content was higher in seed coat fractions of both ...201020307081
variability in the distribution of phenolic compounds in milled fractions of chickpea and horse gram: evaluation of their antioxidant properties.seed coat, cotyledon and embryonic axe fractions of chickpea (cicer arietinum l.) and horse gram (macrotyloma uniflorum l.) were evaluated for their phenolic composition in relation to antioxidant activities. compositional analysis of phenolics by hplc revealed a wide variation in the distribution of flavonols, isoflavones, phenolic acids and anthocyanins among these legume fractions. although cotyledon fractions of both the legumes were rich in phenolic acids, the concentrations of flavonols su ...201020593828
antidiabetic potential of α-amylase inhibitor from the seeds of macrotyloma uniflorum in streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced diabetic mice.macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc. (leguminosae) seeds, known as the poor man's pulse crop in india, have been used as a food and also used in the traditional method for treatment of kidney stones, diabetes, obesity, etc.201021043992
phylogenetic diversity of rhizobia associated with horsegram [macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc.] grown in south india based on glnii, reca and 16s-23s intergenic sequence analyses.horsegram [macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc.) is an important grain legume and fodder crop in india. information on root nodule endosymbionts of this legume in india is limited. in the present study, 69 isolates from naturally occurring root nodules of horsegram collected from two agro-eco-climatic regions of south india was analyzed by generation rate, acid/alkali reaction on yma medium, restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 16s-23s rdna intergenic spacer region (igs), and sequ ...201021188591
novel root nodule bacteria belonging to the genus caulobacter.aim of this study is to determine the genetic variation of rhizobia associated with horse gram [macrotyloma uniflorum (lam.) verdc.] plants grown in different regions of andhra pradesh, india.201121919926
impact of mine waste dumps on growth and biomass of economically important crops.the present study aimed to investigate the effect of magnesite and bauxite waste dumps on growth and biochemical parameters of some edible and economically important plants such as vigna radiata, v. mungo, v. unguiculata, eleusine coracana, cajanus cajan, pennisetum glaucum, macrotyloma uniflorum, oryza sativa, sorghum bicolour, sesamum indicum, ricinus communis, brassica juncea, gossypium hirsutum and jatropha curcas. the growth rate of all the crops was observed in the range of 75 to 100% in m ...201223741803
quantitative ethnomedicinal survey of medicinal plants given for cardiometabolic diseases by the non-institutionally trained siddha practitioners of tiruvallur district, tamil nadu, india.the burden of cardiometabolic diseases such as dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, visceral obesity and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and the use of traditional medicine for the management of such diseases are high in india; hence there is a need to document and analyze such therapies.201627090346
overexpression of muhsp70 gene from macrotyloma uniflorum confers multiple abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic arabidopsis thaliana.a 70-kd heat shock protein (hsp70) is one of the most conserved chaperones. it is involved in de novo protein folding and prevents the aggregation of unfolded proteins under lethal environmental factors. the purpose of this study is to characterise a muhsp70 from horsegram (macrotyloma uniflorum) and elucidating its role in stress tolerance of plants. a muhsp70 was cloned and characterised from a natural drought stress tolerant hpk4 variety of horsegram (m. uniflorum). for functional characteriz ...201626694324
overexpression of horsegram (macrotyloma uniflorum lam.verdc.) nac transcriptional factor (munac4) in groundnut confers enhanced drought tolerance.the nac family being the largest plant-specific transcription factors functions in diverse and vital physiological processes during development. nac proteins are known to be crucial in imparting tolerance to plants against abiotic stresses, such as drought and salinity, but the functions of most of them are still elusive. in this study, we report for the first time expression of the munac4, a member of nac transcription factor from horsegram (macrotyloma uniflorum) conferring drought tolerance. ...201424748414
antidiabetic antihyperlipidemic and hepato-protective effect of gluconorm-5: a polyherbal formulation in steptozotocin induced hyperglycemic rats.the antidiabetic, antihyperlipidemic, and hepato-protective effect of gluconorm-5, was studied in steptozotocin (stz) induced hyperglycemic rats.201725737607
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