pseudoalteromonas marina sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from tidal flats of the yellow sea, and reclassification of pseudoalteromonas sagamiensis as algicola sagamiensis comb. nov.two gram-negative, motile and strictly aerobic marine bacteria were isolated from a tidal flat sediment sample obtained from dae-chun, chung-nam, korea. they were preliminarily identified as pseudoalteromonas-like bacteria, based on 16s rrna gene sequence analysis showing nearly identical sequences (>99.7 % sequence similarity) and the highest similarity (98.4 %) to the species pseudoalteromonas undina. some phenotypic features of the newly isolated strains were similar to those of members of th ...200717220433
morphology, physiological characteristics, and complete sequence of marine bacteriophage ϕrio-1 infecting pseudoalteromonas marina.bacteria of the genus pseudoalteromonas are ubiquitous in the world's oceans. marine bacteria have been posited to be associated with a major ancient branch of podoviruses related to t7. yet, although pseudoalteromonas phages belonging to the corticoviridae and the siphoviridae and prophages belonging to the myoviridae have been reported, no pseudoalteromonas podovirus was previously known. here, a new lytic pseudoalteromonas marina phage, ϕrio-1, belonging to the podoviridae was isolated and ch ...201323760254
characterization and genome sequencing of a novel bacteriophage ph101 infecting pseudoalteromonas marina bh101 from the yellow sea of china.a novel pseudoalteromonas marina bacteriophage, ph101, specifically infecting pseudoalteromonas bh101 was isolated from the water sample of the yellow sea of china using the agar overlay method. 16s rdna sequence identification was used to identify the host bacteria. efficiency of infection, multiplicity of infection value, morphological characterization, one-step growth curve, and host range of the bacteriophage were determined. purified ph101 genomic dna was extracted and its genome was comple ...201526271297
dna-bearing membrane vesicles produced by ahrensia kielensis and pseudoalteromonas marina.outer membrane vesicles (omvs) derived from the alphaproteobacterium ahrensia kielensis and from pseudoalteromonas marina, a gammaproteobacterium, were sampled from liquid cultures in order to extract the mv-associated dna, establish a shotgun library, and sequence randomly chosen clones to determine the origins of their dna. we show that omvs from a. kielensis and from p. marina both harbour dna larger than 20 or 30 kbp. transmission electron microscopical inspection of omvs of a. kielensis and ...201424136405
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