beet leafhopper (hemiptera: cicadellidae) transmits the columbia basin potato purple top phytoplasma to potatoes, beets, and weeds.experiments were conducted to determine whether the beet leafhopper, circulifer tenellus (baker) (hemiptera: cicadellidae), transmits the purple top phytoplasma to potato, solanum tuberosum l.; beets, beta vulgaris l.; and selected weed hosts. the beet leafhopper-transmitted virescence agent (bltva) phytoplasma was identified as the causal agent of the potato purple top disease outbreaks that recently occurred in the columbia basin of washington and oregon. the phytoplasma previously was found t ...200616686123
association of bactericera cockerelli (homoptera: psyllidae) with "zebra chip," a new potato disease in southwestern united states and mexico.a new defect of potato, solanum tuberosum l., "zebra chip," so named for the characteristic symptoms that develop in fried chips from infected potato tubers, has recently been documented in several southwestern states of the united states, in mexico, and in central america. this defect is causing millions of dollars in losses to both potato producers and processors. zebra chip plant symptoms resemble those caused by potato purple top and psyllid yellows diseases. experiments were conducted to el ...200717598522
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