novel begomovirus species of recombinant nature in sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) and ipomoea indica: taxonomic and phylogenetic implications.viral diseases occur wherever sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) is cultivated and because this crop is vegetatively propagated, accumulation and perpetuation of viruses can become a major constraint for production. up to 90% reductions in yield have been reported in association with viral infections. about 20 officially accepted or tentative virus species have been found in sweet potato and other ipomoea species. they include three species of begomoviruses (genus begomovirus, family geminiviridae) ...200919515824
characterization of non-coding dna satellites associated with sweepoviruses (genus begomovirus, geminiviridae) - definition of a distinct class of begomovirus-associated satellites.begomoviruses (family geminiviridae) are whitefly-transmitted, plant-infecting single-stranded dna viruses that cause crop losses throughout the warmer parts of the world. sweepoviruses are a phylogenetically distinct group of begomoviruses that infect plants of the family convolvulaceae, including sweet potato (ipomoea batatas). two classes of subviral molecules are often associated with begomoviruses, particularly in the old world; the betasatellites and the alphasatellites. an analysis of swe ...201626925037
metschnikowia santaceciliae, candida hawaiiana, and candida kipukae, three new yeast species associated with insects of tropical morning glory.a new haplontic heterothallic species of metschnikowia and two related asexual yeast species were discovered in morning glory flowers and associated insects. metschnikowia santaceciliae came from conotelus (coleoptera: nitidulidae) and other insect species associated with flowers of ipomoea indica (purple morph) in costa rica. candida hawaiiana and candida kipukae were found in i. indica (syn. i. acuminata) and its insects in hawai'i, and the former was also isolated in a specimen of conotelus c ...200312702252
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