metschnikowia chrysoperlae sp. nov., candida picachoensis sp. nov. and candida pimensis sp. nov., isolated from the green lacewings chrysoperla comanche and chrysoperla carnea (neuroptera: chrysopidae).fourteen yeast isolates comprising three taxa were cultured from digestive tracts of adult chrysoperla species (neuroptera: chrysopidae) and their eggs. the yeast taxa were distinguished based on an estimated molecular phylogeny, dna sequences and traditional taxonomic criteria. the new yeasts are closely related to metschnikowia pulcherrima but are sufficiently distinguished by sequence comparison of rrna gene sequences to consider them as novel species. here, three novel species are described ...200415388758
from grape berries to wine: population dynamics of cultivable yeasts associated to "nero di troia" autochthonous grape cultivar.the aim of this work was to study the biodiversity of yeasts isolated from the autochthonous grape variety called "uva di troia", monitoring the natural diversity from the grape berries to wine during a vintage. grapes were collected in vineyards from two different geographical areas and spontaneous alcoholic fermentations (afs) were performed. different restriction profiles of its-5.8s rdna region, corresponding to saccharomyces cerevisiae, issatchenkia orientalis, metschnikowia pulcherrima, ha ...201626925621
metschnikowia sinensis sp. nov., metschnikowia zizyphicola sp. nov. and metschnikowia shanxiensis sp. nov., novel yeast species from jujube fruit.eight yeast strains were isolated from jujube fruit surfaces collected in shanxi and shandong provinces, china. all eight strains produced needle-shaped ascospores under suitable conditions. three separate groups, representing three novel species in the genus metschnikowia, were recognized by sequence comparisons of the 26s rdna d1/d2 domain and internal transcribed spacer (its) region. the names metschnikowia sinensis sp. nov. (type strain xy103(t)=as 2.3110(t)=cbs 10357(t)), metschnikowia zizy ...200616957129
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