detection of reassortant h5n6 clade highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in a black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor) found dead, taiwan, 2017.a h5n6 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (hpaiv) was detected in a black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor) found dead in taiwan during december 2017. genome sequencing and phylogenetic analyses suggest the hemagglutinin gene belongs to h5 clade group b. all genes except neuraminidase gene shared high levels of nucleotide identity with h5n8 hpaiv identified from europe during 2016-2017. genetically similar h5n6 hpaiv was also identified from japan during november 2017. enhanced surve ...201829705362
new records of chewing lice (phthiraptera: amblycera, ischnocera) from the black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor).three species of chewing lice-eucolpocephalum femorale (piaget, 1880) (amblycera: menoponidae), ibidoecus plataleae (denny, 1842) (ischnocera: philopteridae) and ardeicola plataleae (linnaeus, 1758) (ischnocera: philopteridae)-are reported from the black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor temminck schlegel, 1849) in japan. these three louse species are new records for this host. the black-faced spoonbill is classified as a "critically endangered" species in the iucn red list; although its species o ...201931717085
hematologic and biochemistry values for black-faced spoonbills (platalea minor) with and recovering from botulism.type c1 botulism outbreaks in black-faced spoonbills (platalea minor) occurred in taiwan from 2002 to 2003, and hematologic and biochemistry parameters from botulism-paralyzed birds and recovered birds were compared. values for creatinine and uric acid were higher (p<0.0025) in birds with botulism than in recovered birds. lower white blood cell counts (p<0.005) and values for alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, and triglycerides (p<0.025) were observed in ...200818689672
tandem duplication of mitochondrial dna in the black-faced spoonbill, platalea minor.mitochondrial (mt) heteroplasmy in the control region (cr) of the black-faced spoonbill was investigated using la-pcr. to avoid amplification of transpositioned nuclear genome fragment from mtdna (numt), pcr product of the almost-complete mitochondrial genome was amplified using primers designed to anneal on the coiii gene. then nested la-pcr product was amplified between the cyt b and 12s rrna genes using the almost-complete mitochondrial genome pcr product as a template. nucleotide sequencing ...200920057167
testing founder effect speciation: divergence population genetics of the spoonbills platalea regia and pl. minor (threskiornithidae, aves).although founder effect speciation has been a popular theoretical model for the speciation of geographically isolated taxa, its empirical importance has remained difficult to evaluate due to the intractability of past demography, which in a founder effect speciation scenario would involve a speciational bottleneck in the emergent species and the complete cessation of gene flow following divergence. using regression-weighted approximate bayesian computation, we tested the validity of these two fu ...201120705906
impacts of marine debris on wild animals in the coastal area of korea.over the last decade, marine debris has become a major factor affecting the coastal ecosystem of korea. this study compiled information regarding how marine debris impacts wildlife in korea. cases of marine debris impacting wildlife were collected from experts of various fields and from local participants through an open access website from february 2010 to march 2012. a total of 21 species were affected by marine debris: 18 species of birds, 2 species of mammals, and 1 species of crustacean. fi ...201323199729
jensen's inequality and the impact of short-term environmental variability on long-term population growth is well established in theory that short-term environmental fluctuations could affect the long-term growth rates of wildlife populations, but this theory has rarely been tested and there remains little empirical evidence that the effect is actually important in practice. here we develop models to quantify the effects of daily, seasonal, and yearly temperature fluctuations on the average population growth rates, and we apply them to long-term data on the endangered black-faced spoonbill (plata ...201526352857
three echinostome species from wild birds in the republic of korea.three echinostome species, i.e., patagifer bilobus, petasiger neocomense, and saakotrema metatestis, are newly recorded in the trematode fauna of the republic of korea. they were recovered from 3 species of migratory birds (platalea minor, podiceps cristatus, and egretta garzetta), which were donated by the wildlife center of chungbuk (wcc) and the conservation genome resource bank for korean wildlife (cgrb). only 1 p. bilobus specimen was recovered from the intestine of a black-faced spoonbill ...201425352700
the impacts of climate change on the wintering distribution of an endangered migratory bird.there is now ample evidence of the effects of anthropogenic climate change on the distribution and abundance of species. the black-faced spoonbill (platalea minor) is an endangered migratory species and endemic to east asia. using a maximum entropy approach, we predicted the potential wintering distribution for spoonbills and modeled the effects of future climate change. elevation, human influence index and precipitation during the coldest quarter contributed most to model development. five regi ...201020677016
detection of two arctic birds in greenland and an endangered bird in korea using rgb and thermal cameras with an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), so-called 'drones', have been widely used to monitor wild animals. here, we tested a uav with red, green, and blue (rgb) and thermal cameras to detect free-living birds in a high arctic region in north greenland and in a restricted area in the republic of korea. small flocks of molting pink-footed geese (anser brachyrhynchus) near sea ice and incubating common ringed plovers (charadrius hiaticula) in the arctic environment were chosen for the rgb and thermal imag ...201931483842
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