photodynamic injury to heated leaves.the leaves of tradescantia fluminensis vell, were kept in light and darkness after short-term heating (5 min and 10 min) at different temperatures. in light temperature causing injury was 10° lower than in darkness. a considerable destruction of chlorophyll occurred when the heated leaves were kept in light. if the light intensity was 4,000 lux or even lower the damage to cells was not accompanied by bleaching of chlorophyll. light produced no effect on unheated leaves. in variegated white-green ...196624557781
15-lipoxygenase inhibition of commelina benghalensis, tradescantia fluminensis, tradescantia evaluate the 15-lipoxygenase inhibitory activity of the methanol leaf extracts of commelina benghalensis, tradescantia fluminensis (t. fluminensis) and tradescantia zebrina.201425182435
usefulness of different vascular plant species for passive biomonitoring of mediterranean rivers.choosing native vascular plants as nutrient and toxic element accumulators for passive biomonitoring of urban river quality is not an easy task in mediterranean rivers, due to the particular climate determining high variations in river hydrology. to identify potential biomonitors for this area, the roots of seven species (angelica sylvestris, apium nodiflorum, tradescantia fluminensis, nasturtium officinale, persicaria lapathifolia, arctium lappa, typha latifolia), growing in seven sites along t ...201627040538
characterization of a potyvirus isolated from tradescantia fluminensis in northern italy.we isolated a potyvirus from tradescantia fluminensis that was causing leaf distortion and mild mosaic. we cloned and sequenced a 1500 bp cdna obtained by rt-pcr corresponding to the 3' proximal region of the genome. we determined the host range and tested a series of potyviral antisera against our tradescantia virus isolate by immuno-enzymatic methods. based on our results, we suggest that our viral isolate could be considered a new potyvirus species named tradescantia mild mosaic potyvirus. ph ...200616369859
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