isolation of a new arbovirus from the tick argas robertsi from a cattle egret (bubulcus ibis coromandus) colony in australia.a new arbovirus was isolated from ticks of the species a. robertsi collected on 3 january 1980 from trees in which b. ibis coromandus was breeding. the breeding site is located in a swamp at latitude 27 degrees s., longitude 152 degrees e. in south-east queensland. larvae, nymphs and adults of a. robertsi were observed to feed on egrets. the serum of 29 out of 37 egrets from the same colony contained neutralizing antibodies to the virus. no information is available on the pathogenicity of this v ...19846393929
genomic characterisation of vinegar hill virus, an australian nairovirus isolated in 1983 from argas robertsi ticks collected from cattle egrets.this report describes the near complete genomic sequence and subsequent analysis of vinegar hill virus (vinhv; tentative member of the genus orthonairovirus, family nairoviridae, order bunyavirales). vinhv is the second nairovirus reported to be isolated on mainland australia and the first to be sequenced and analysed. our genetic analysis shows that vinhv belongs to the dera ghazi khan genogroup, a group of viruses previously isolated in other parts of the world including asia, south africa, an ...201729206186
the bird tick, argas robertsi (acarina : argasidae) in indonesia. 19807444589
ticks of australia. the species that infest domestic animals and humans.the book australian ticks by f.h.s. roberts (1970) is a land-mark in australian tick biology. but it is time for a new and improved book on the ticks of australia. the present book has identification guides and accounts of the biology and diseases associated with the 16 species of ticks that may feed on domestic animals and humans in australia. these comprise five argasid (soft) ticks: argas persicus (poultry tick), argas robertsi (robert's bird tick), ornithodoros capensis (seabird soft tick), ...201424943801
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