internal hirudiniasis in man with limnatis nilotica, in iraq. 19685757737
ocular leech infestation in a describe a patient with manifestations of ocular leech infestation.19979222244
[limnatis nilotica, cause of severe anemia in an infant]. 200010989799
[certain data on biology of feeding of limnatis nilotica (savigny, 1820)]. 195513296695
1,3-dimethyllumazine derivatives from limnatis nilotica.two previously unknown lumazine derivatives, 1 and 2, have been isolated from the parasitic freshwater leech limnatis nilotica. the structures of the compounds have been elucidated by nmr and unambiguously corroborated by chemical synthesis.200515974624
severe anemia due to the pharyngeal leech limnatis nilotica in a child.leech infestation can cause many different clinical symptoms such as epistaxis, haemoptysis, haematemesis, and vaginal bleeding. therefore leech infestation should be considered as a cause of unexplained severe anemia in rural areas where aquatic leeches are common. in this paper we report a case of pharyngeal leech infestation (limnatis nilotica) presenting with haemoptysis, and epistaxis which resulted in difficulty in making a diagnosis.200818985581
production, purification and characterisation of recombinant fahsin, a novel antistasin-type proteinase inhibitor.serine proteinases from inflammatory cells, including polymorphonuclear neutrophils, are involved in various inflammatory disorders, like pulmonary emphysema and rheumatoid arthritis. inhibitors of these serine proteinases are potential drug candidates for the treatment of these disorders, since they prevent the unrestricted proteolysis. this study describes a novel specific antistasin-type inhibitor of neutrophil serine proteinases, we called fahsin. this inhibitor was purified from the nile le ...200516269393
platelet aggregation and coagulation inhibitors in leech saliva and their roles in leech therapy.prolonged bleeding by the host after the leech ceases to feed and several reports that the use of leeches restores blood flow in the microcirculation after plastic surgery led us to search for inhibitors of platelet aggregation in hirudo medicinalis saliva. dilute leech saliva was collected by phagostimulating starved leeches with a solution of arginine in saline. the saliva is shown to inhibit human platelet aggregation induced by thrombin, collagen, adenosine diphosphate (adp), epinephrine, pl ...19968836013
allium sativum l.: the anti-immature leech (limnatis nilotica) activity compared to niclosomide.this study was carried out to determine the effects of methanolic extracts of allium sativum l. on limnatis nilotica compared with niclosomide. in this experimental study in september 2010, a number of leeches (70 in total) from the southern area of ilam province were prepared, and the effects of methanolic extract of a. sativum l. with niclosomide as the control drug were compared and distilled water was evaluated as the placebo group which investigated l. nilotica using anti-leech assay. the a ...201123483830
vaginal hirudiniasis from dhaherah province, oman: with a note on internal hirudiniasis.a 75 years old lady from the dhaherah province, oman, presented at ibri hospital, complaining from abnormal vaginal bleeding. histopathological investigations of a cervical biopsy revealed no atypical features. a worm-like organism was removed from the vagina. histocytological investigations of the organism revealed typical structures of a leech. the case was identified as vaginal hirudiniasis, probably due to limnatis nilotica that necessitated a note on internal hirudiniasis.200621748140
an unusual cause of hemoptysis in a child: live leech in the posterior 8-year-old girl was admitted to the emergency department with hemoptysis. her history revealed that she had been drinking unfiltered tap water several days before. physical examination revealed a black live foreign object in the pharynx with local posterior pharyngeal oozing. pharyngeal leech was suspected and removed immediately using forceps. after removal of the leech, the bleeding stopped immediately and the patient felt comfortable. the leech was identified as belonging to the species li ...201020962717
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