a global genomic characterization of nairoviruses identifies nine discrete genogroups with distinctive structural characteristics and host-vector associations.nairoviruses are primarily tick-borne bunyaviruses, some of which are known to cause mild-to-severe febrile illness in humans or livestock. we describe the genome sequences of 11 poorly characterized nairoviruses that have ecological associations with either birds (farallon, punta salinas, sapphire ii, zirqa, avalon, clo mor, taggert, and abu hammad viruses), rodents (qalyub and bandia viruses), or camels (dera ghazi khan virus). global phylogenetic analyses of proteins encoded in the l, m, and ...201626903607
genomic characterization of the genus nairovirus (family bunyaviridae).nairovirus, one of five bunyaviral genera, includes seven species. genomic sequence information is limited for members of the dera ghazi khan, hughes, qalyub, sakhalin, and thiafora nairovirus species. we used next-generation sequencing and historical virus-culture samples to determine 14 complete and nine coding-complete nairoviral genome sequences to further characterize these species. previously unsequenced viruses include abu mina, clo mor, great saltee, hughes, raza, sakhalin, soldado, and ...201627294949
tick-borne viruses of west pakistan. 3. dera ghazi khan virus, a new agent isolated from hyalomma dromedarii ticks in the d. g. khan district of west pakistan. 19705460469
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