comparative genomic analysis of hyperthermophilic archaeal fuselloviridae viruses.the complete genome sequences of two sulfolobus spindle-shaped viruses (ssvs) from acidic hot springs in kamchatka (russia) and yellowstone national park (united states) have been determined. these nonlytic temperate viruses were isolated from hyperthermophilic sulfolobus hosts, and both viruses share the spindle-shaped morphology characteristic of the fuselloviridae family. these two genomes, in combination with the previously determined ssv1 genome from japan and the ssv2 genome from iceland, ...200414747560
the genetic element pssvx of the extremely thermophilic crenarchaeon sulfolobus is a hybrid between a plasmid and a virus.a new sulfolobus islandicus strain, rey15/4, harboured both a novel fusellovirus, ssv2, and a small plasmid, pssvx. the plasmid spread in s. solfataricus p1 together with the virus after infection with either the supernatant of a culture of rey15/4 or purified virus. spreading of the plasmid required co-transfection with either ssv2 or the related ssv1 as helpers. virus purified from rey15/4 constituted a mixture of two sizes of particles, one with the dimensions of a normal fusellovirus and the ...199910564466
a spreadable, non-integrative and high copy number shuttle vector for sulfolobus solfataricus based on the genetic element pssvx from sulfolobus islandicus.the pssvx genetic element from sulfolobus islandicus rey15/4 is a hybrid between a plasmid and a fusellovirus, able to be maintained in non-integrative form and to spread when the helper ssv2 virus is present in the cells. in this work, the satellite virus was engineered to obtain an escherichia coli-sulfolobus solfataricus shuttle vector for gene transfer and expression in s.solfataricus by fusing site-specifically the pssvx chromosome with an e.coli plasmid replicon and the ampicillin resistan ...200616971457
a novel sulfolobus non-conjugative extrachromosomal genetic element capable of integration into the host genome and spreading in the presence of a integrative non-conjugative extrachromosomal genetic element, denoted as pssvi, has been isolated from a sulfolobus solfataricus p2 strain and was characterized. this genetic element is a double-stranded dna of 5740 bp in size and contains eight open reading frames (orfs). it resembles members of the prn plasmid family in genome organization but shows only weak similarity to the latter in conserved regions. pssvi has a copg gene similar to that of a prn plasmid, encodes a large replication pr ...200717331555
relationships between fuselloviruses infecting the extremely thermophilic archaeon sulfolobus: ssv1 and ssv2.the fusellovirus ssv2 from an icelandic sulfolobus strain was isolated, characterized and its complete genomic sequence determined. ssv2 is very similar in morphology, replication, genome size and number of open reading frames (orfs) to the type virus of the family, ssv1 from japan, except in its high level of uninduced virus production. the nucleotide sequences are, however, only 55% identical to each other, much less than related bacteriophage, related animal viruses and the rudiviruses of sul ...200312798235
characterization of the sulfolobus host-ssv2 virus interaction.the sulfolobus spindle virus, ssv2, encodes a tyrosine integrase which furthers provirus formation in host chromosomes. consistently with the prediction made during sequence analysis, integration was found to occur in the downstream half of the trna(gly) (ccc) gene. in this paper we report the findings of a comparative study of ssv2 physiology in the natural host, sulfolobus islandicus rey15/4, versus the foreign host, sulfolobus solfataricus, and provide evidence of differently regulated ssv2 l ...200616896526
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