fatal toxoplasmosis in a vinaceous amazon parrot (amazona vinacea).toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in a vinaceous amazon parrot based on histopathology and immunohistochemistry. the bird was prostrate on the bottom of the cage and died. necropsy revealed edema and congestion of the lungs, cloudy air sacs, and mild hepatomegaly. histopathology revealed severe pulmonary congestion and edema and interstitial mononuclear cell inflammation associated with many cysts containing bradyzoites of toxoplasma gondii scattered throughout. the heart had mild multifocal lymphocyt ...201223397856
health-screening protocols for vinaceous amazons (amazona vinacea) in a reintroduction project.reintroduction is a growing field in the conservation of endangered species. the vinaceous amazon parrot (amazona vinacea) is extinct in several areas, and a project to release confiscated individuals to their former range is currently underway. the objective of this study was to evaluate and improve the selection and treatment of individual release candidates by detecting possible pathogen carriers using samples taken before and during release. as part of prerelease health protocols, samples we ...201526667526
hematology of the red-capped parrot (pionopsitta pileata) and vinaceous amazon parrot (amazona vinacea) in captivity.preliminary reference intervals for hematologic and total plasma protein profiles were determined for nine adult red-capped parrots (pionopsitta pileata) (six males and three females) and six vinaceous amazon parrots (amazona vinacea) (two adult males, two adult females, one juvenile, and one nonsexed) from the curitiba zoo, paraná, brazil. for both red-capped parrots and vinaceous amazon parrots, adult males had higher red blood cell counts than adult females. regarding white blood cell distrib ...200919368236
pelecitus tercostatus (molin, 1960) (nematoda, onchocercidae) in amazona vinacea (aves, psittaciformes) from argentina: morphological details and clinical findings.pelecitus tercostatus (molin, 1860) (onchocercidae, dirofilariinae) was found in the leg of a vinaceous-breasted parrot amazona vinacea (aves, psittaciformes) from misiones, argentina. the present report enlarges the host distribution of the species and represents the first record of any nematode in a. vinacea. the macroscopic lesions produced in the bird are also described.201222807057
fatal proventricular dilatation disease in captive native psittacines in outbreak of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd), a fatal inflammatory disease of psittacines (aves: psittaciformes), is described in native brazilian psittacines. twenty captive psittacines that died of suspected pdd were necropsied and 10 were submitted to histopathology, reverse transcriptase pcr (rt-pcr), and immunohistochemistry (ihc) for avian bornavirus (abv). examined species were one pileated parrot (pionopsitta pileata), three vinaceous-breasted parrots (amazona vinacea), two blu ...201424758135
coronaviruses detected in brazilian wild birds reveal close evolutionary relationships with beta- and deltacoronaviruses isolated from mammals.this study showed that the most of the coronaviruses (covs) detected in brazilian wild birds clustered with the mouse hepatitis virus a59 strain, belonging to the betacov group. furthermore, cov detected in two different bird species, amazona vinacea and brotogeris tirica, clustered with a cov isolated from sparrow (spacov hku17) belonging to a monophyletic group related with the covs isolated from swines (porcov hku15), both belonging to the deltacov genus, previously unreported in south americ ...201526250156
temperament in captivity, environmental enrichment, flight ability, and response to humans in an endangered parrot species.temperament assessment is useful in reintroduction programs. reactivity to humans and flight ability are also important behavioral aspects for captive parrots candidates to reintroduction. the study aimed: a) to evaluate if behavioral responses to environmental enrichment differ as a function of temperament in captive vinaceous-breasted amazon parrots (amazona vinacea) and b) to evaluate if the behavioral responses to environmental enrichment are related to flight ability and animal's reaction t ...202032427519
development and characterization of novel microsatellite loci for the blue-fronted amazon (amazona aestiva, psittaciformes, aves) and cross-species amplification for other two threatened amazona species.parrots are among the most threatened avian groups of the world, with illegal pet trade being a major threat to some amazon (amazona genus) and macaw (ara and anodorhynchus genera) species. population genetic studies and effective control of commercial breeders are important actions for the conservation of these parrot species; however, few microsatellite loci are available for most amazona species to date. in this study, 25 polymorphic microsatellite loci were identified in silico and character ...201930617658
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