intestinal and blood parasites in amazon parrots destined for relocation in guatemala.approximately 350 amazon parrots were destined for relocation in peten province, northeastern guatemala. in random sampling of the parrots, 95 blood and 75 fecal samples were examined individually for parasites. coccidia were present in 6.0% (3/50) of amazona autumnalis autumnalis, and they were the only parasites detected. there were no blood parasites observed in 64 a. a. autumnalis, four amazona pionus senilis, 16 amazona ferinosa guatemala, 10 amazona albifronsus albifronsus, and one amazona ...200112790397
a novel dna virus associated with feather inclusions in psittacine beak and feather disease.the nature of feather inclusions was characterized in 32 psittacine birds (30 cockatoos, one peach-faced lovebird (agapornis roseicollis), and one red-lored amazon parrot (amazona autumnalis autumnalis] with naturally-acquired psittacine beak and feather disease. intranuclear inclusions within feather epithelial cells and intracytoplasmic inclusions within macrophages in the feather epithelium and pulp cavity contained psittacine beak and feather disease viral antigen when stained by the avidin- ...19911949509
avian influenza a virus subtype h5n2 in a red-lored amazon parrot.a 3-month-old red-lored amazon parrot (amazona autumnalis autumnalis) was evaluated for severe lethargy.200616426196
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