macroparasites in stranded and bycaught harbour porpoises from german and norwegian waters.parasitological investigations were carried out on harbour porpoises phocoena phocoena originating from 3 different areas: the german north sea (28), the german baltic (18) and norwegian waters (22). the individuals were bycaught in gill-nets or found stranded during the period 1997 to 2000. a total of 7 species of parasites was identified from the investigated organs. these originated mainly from the respiratory tract and comprised 1 ascaridoid nematode (anisakis simplex), 4 pseudaliid nematode ...200515997825
diversity and prevalence of metastrongyloid nematodes infecting the red panda (ailurus fulgens) in european zoos.metastrongyloid induced pneumonia has been described sporadically in the red panda (ailurus fulgens). early descriptions in pandas recently imported to the usa from china involved parasites morphologically similar to angiostrongylus spp. and crenosomatidae. more recently, four cases of severe verminous pneumonia associated with angiostrongylus vasorum have been reported from european zoos. a coprological survey of the red panda population within european zoos was conducted in 2008. faecal sample ...201020570049
mycotic otitis media in a harbour porpoise (phocoena phocoena).a 9-year-old by-caught harbour porpoise (phocoena phocoena) was subject to routine post-mortem examination. major findings included parasitic infection (stenurus minor) of the left middle ear and severe mycotic infection of the right middle ear. the morphological appearance of the causative organism was consistent with aspergillus fumigatus. these pathological findings were likely to have impaired echolocation in this animal and this may have contributed to the by-catch. the ears of marine mamma ...201020643415
evidence of infectious diseases in harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) hunted in the waters of greenland and by-caught in the german north sea and baltic sea.the pathological, microbiological and serological findings in harbour porpoises hunted in greenlandic waters were compared with the findings in animals accidentally caught in fishing gear in the german north sea and baltic sea. the body condition of the greenlandic animals was good, whereas nine of 23 german harbour porpoises were moderately to markedly emaciated. both groups were infested with parasites. in the greenlandic animals parasitism of the aural peribullar cavity with stenurus minor, o ...200111430682
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