replication promiscuity of dna-beta satellites associated with monopartite begomoviruses; deletion mutagenesis of the ageratum yellow vein virus dna-beta satellite localizes sequences involved in replication.pseudorecombination studies in nicotiana benthamiana demonstrate that ageratum yellow vein virus (ayvv) and eupatorium yellow vein virus (epyvv) can functionally interact with dna-beta satellites associated with ayvv, epyvv, cotton leaf curl multan virus (clcumv) and honeysuckle yellow vein virus (hyvv). in contrast, clcumv shows some specificity in its ability to interact with distinct satellites and hyvv is able to interact only with its own satellite. using an n. benthamiana leaf disk assay, ...200819008407
agroinoculation of nicotiana benthamiana with cloned honeysuckle yellow vein virus isolated from lonicera japonica.a new honeysuckle yellow vein geminivirus (hyvv) isolate (2,763 nucleotides) and the hyvv-β satellite (1,227 nucleotides) from korea were cloned and characterized from symptomatic leaves of lonicera japonica with a yellow net mosaic appearance. phylogenetic analysis of hyvv and 13 other begomoviruses revealed that hyvv has the highest nucleotide sequence homology to hyvv-uk2. grafting challenge of a virus-free l. japonica (scion) on an hyvv-infected l. japonica (stock) resulted in the appearance ...201121279729
phylogenetic lineage of tobacco leaf curl virus in korea and estimation of recombination events implicated in their sequence strains of tobacco leaf curl virus (tblcv) were isolated from tomato plants in four different local communities of korea, and hence were designated tblcv-kr. phylogenetic analysis of the sequences of the whole genome and of individual orfs of these viruses indicated that they are closely related to the tobacco leaf curl japan virus (tblcjv) cluster, which includes honeysuckle yellow vein virus (hyvv), honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus (hyvmv), and tblcjv isolates. four putative recombinat ...201121549772
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