[natural infection of akodon dolores, thomas, 1916 (rodentia, cricetidae) by trypanosoma cruzi]. 19826812204
the natural hosts of larvae and nymphs of amblyomma tigrinum koch, 1844 (acari: ixodidae).the hosts of larvae and nymphs of amblyomma tigrinum, a tick whose adults feed on wild and domestic canidae in south america, are uncertain. a 17 months survey was carried out trapping wild vertebrates in north-western córdoba, argentina, to evaluate their parasitism with a. tigrinum subadults. larvae and nymphs of this tick species were identified conventionally and by comparison of 16s rdna sequences with genbank deposited sequences. a total of 207 small and medium-sized rodents and 182 birds ...200616682121
temporal variation of allele frequencies in populations of akodon dolores (rodentia, cricetidae).six population samples of the south american cricetid rodent akodon dolores were collected at the same site at six-month intervals over a three year period. changes in density were detected. seven out of 18 loci analyzed by means of starch gel electrophoresis were polymorphic. only two of these loci (est-4 and g6pdh) showed statistically significant variation in allele frequencies following a seasonal pattern. there was no correlation between allele frequencies and population density. when anima ...198524253069
genetic polymorphism in populations of akodon means of starch gel electrophoresis, 16-20 loci coding for enzymes and hemoglobin have been investigated in six population samples of akodon dolores, captured in a single site of the córdoba province (argentina) during a 3-year period and in three samples of an akodon azarae population. proportion of polymorphic loci (p) ranged from 0.278 to 0.389 in a. dolores and from 0.166 to 0.300 in a. azarae. mean heterozygosity (h) ranged from 0.138 to 0.192 in a. dolores and from 0.099 to 0.118 in a. ...19853886105
histopathology associated with angiostrongylosis in akodon species (rodentia: sigmodontinae) from sierra de la ventana, buenos aires, argentina.angiostrongylus is a metastrongylid nematode genus that includes species found in carnivores, rodents, and occasionally primates (including humans). about 100 species of wild sigmodontine rodents occur in argentina, 16 of which are species of akodon. the lungs of akodon azarae and akodon dolores from sierra de la ventana, buenos aires, argentina, were examined, and 2 of 10 a. dolores specimens were positive for angiostrongylosis, showing macroscopic lesions of verminous pneumonia. adults found w ...201222663763
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