study on the ecological distribution of alveolar echinococcus in hulunbeier pasture of inner mongolia, china.a study on the ecological distribution of alveolar echinococcus was carried out in the hulunbeier pasture of inner mongolia, china during 1998 and 1999. animals examined included wolves (canis lupus), red foxes (vulpes vulpes), sand foxes (vulpes corsac), domestic dogs (canis familiaris), microtus brandti, meriones unguiculatus, citellus dauricus, allactaga sibirica, phodopus sungorus and ochotona daurica. three wolves were found to be infected with e. granulosus. two sand foxes were infected wi ...200415030006
[study on the epidemiological characteristics of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in inner mongolia].in order to better understand the epidemiological features of hantviruses in inner mongolia.200718396665
[a new species and the genus of gamasidae dipolaelaps ubsunuris a. zem. et piont. gen. n. et sp. n. (gamasoidea, laelaptidae) from allactaga sibirica)]. 200613788212
effects of artificial light at night on foraging behavior and vigilance in a nocturnal rodent.artificial light at night has greatly changed the physical environment for many organisms on a global scale. as an energy efficient light resource, light emitting diodes (leds) have been widely used in recent years. as leds often have a broad spectrum, many biological processes may be potentially affected. in this study, we conducted manipulated experiments in rat-proof enclosures to explore the effects of led night lighting on behavior of a nocturnal rodent, the mongolian five-toed jerboa (alla ...202032268292
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