characterization of mauritius parakeet (psittacula eques) microsatellite loci and their cross-utility in other parrots (psittacidae, aves).we characterized 21 polymorphic microsatellite loci in the endangered mauritius parakeet (psittacula eques). loci were isolated from a mauritius parakeet genomic library that had been enriched separately for eight different repeat motifs. loci were characterized in up to 43 putatively unrelated mauritius parakeets from a single population inhabiting the black river gorges national park, mauritius. each locus displayed between three and nine alleles, with the observed heterozygosity ranging betwe ...200921564887
detailed monitoring of a small but recovering population reveals sublethal effects of disease and unexpected interactions with supplemental feeding.infectious diseases are widely recognized to have substantial impact on wildlife populations. these impacts are sometimes exacerbated in small endangered populations, and therefore, the success of conservation reintroductions to aid the recovery of such species can be seriously threatened by outbreaks of infectious disease. intensive management strategies associated with conservation reintroductions can further compound these negative effects in such populations. exploring the sublethal effects ...201525757031
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