The influence of the fungal pathogen Mycocentrospora acerina on the proteome and polyacetylenes and 6-methoxymellein in organic and conventionally cultivated carrots (Daucus carota) during post harvest storage.Many carrots are discarded during post harvest cold storage due to development of fungal infections, caused by, e.g., Mycocentrospora acerina (liquorice rot). We compared the susceptibility of carrots grown under conventional and organic agricultural practices. In one year, organically cultivated carrots showed 3× to 7× more symptoms than conventionally cultivated, when studying naturally occurring disease at 4 and 6months, respectively. On the other hand, we have developed a bioassay for infect ...201222075166
diversity of endophytic fungi in the roots of mangrove species on the west coast of india.because mangrove plant species are a valuable source of useful metabolites, their endophytes have gained more importance. randomly sampled surface-sterilized whole root segments of four mangrove plant species, acanthus ilicifolius, avicennia officinalis, rhizophora mucronata, and sonneratia caseolaris from the mangroves of udyavara (karnataka) on the west coast of india, were characterized for fungal communities by direct plating, damp chamber, and bubbling chamber incubation methods. the richne ...200212489776
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