untangling convoluted taxonomy of chambriella rego, chubb & pavanelli, 1999 (cestoda: proteocephalidae), with erection of riggenbachiella n. g. and the description of a new species from pimelodid catfishes in the neotropical part of a complex revision of proteocephalid cestodes parasitic in freshwater bony fishes of the neotropical region, the genus chambriella rego, chubb & pavanelli, 1999 is redefined based on detailed examination of type-specimens and newly collected material of both nominal species of the genus. this examination revealed that the type-species c. agostinhoi (pavanelli & santos, 1992) from zungaro jahu (ihering) (type-host) and z. zungaro (humboldt) is indistinguishable from lenhataenia megacep ...201728220284
a new species of pseudocrepidobothrium (cestoda: proteocephalidea) from pseudoplatystoma reticulatum (pisces: siluriformes) in the paraná river basin (argentina).this study describes the proteocephalidean tapeworm pseudocrepidobothrium chanaorum sp. n. (proteocephalidae: proteocephalinae), which was found in the intestine of pseudoplatystoma reticulatum (eigenmann et eigenmann) from the colastiné river, a tributary of the paraná river. the new species differs from the two other species of the genus, p. eirasi (rego et de chambrier, 1995) and p. ludovici ruedi et de chambrier, 2012, parasites of phractocephalus hemioliopterus (bloch et schneider) from the ...201425549501
myxozoan pathogens in cultured malaysian fishes. ii. myxozoan infections of redtail catfish hemibagrus nemurus in freshwater cage cultures.cage-cultured asian redtail catfish hemibagrus nemurus (valenciennes, 1840), a popular food fish in southeast asia, proved to be infected by 3 myxozoan species. all the 3 species belonged to the genus henneguya: 2 were identified as h. mystusia sarkar, 1985 and h. hemibagri tchang et ma, 1993, while the other was described as h. basifilamentalis sp. n. all plasmodia were found in the gills and were characterised by a specific site selection. h. mystusia formed plasmodia in the multi-layered epit ...200616610587
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