updated phylogeny of the genus aeromonas.recent phylogenetic studies of the genus aeromonas based on gyrb and rpod gene sequences have improved the phylogeny based on 16s rrna gene sequences first published in 1992, particularly in the ability to split closely related species. these studies did not include the recently described species aeromonas simiae and aeromonas molluscorum and only a single strain of aeromonas culicicola was available for analysis at that time. in the present work, these aeromonas species and newly isolated strai ...200617012583
first record of the rare species aeromonas schubertii from mussels: phenotypic and genetic reevaluation of the species and a review of the a study where the prevalence of aeromonas in shellfish was analysed, three isolates of aeromonas schubertii were identified, representing this the first report of this species from mussels. this species was originally described in 1988 from strains isolated from extra-intestinal human infections and since then has been cited in only 18 occasions. for many years, a. schubertii was the only mannitol-negative species of the genus. however, three additional mannitol-negative species (aeromonas si ...201626825089
phylogenetic identification of aeromonas simiae from a pig, first isolate since species description.the species aeromonas simiae was first described on the basis of two strains (cip 107798(t) and cip 107797) isolated from faeces of healthy monkeys (m. fascicularis) from mauritius, which were kept in quarantine in the centre for primatology, louis pasteur university, strasbourg, france. in the present study, during a survey to determine the prevalence of aeromonas at three different pig slaughterhouses at north of portugal, a single strain mdc2374 (out of 703 isolates) was identified as a. simi ...201019853388
aeromonas simiae sp. nov., isolated from monkey faeces.two aeromonas strains, ibs s6874(t) and ibs s6652, were isolated from the faeces of two healthy monkeys (macaca fascicularis) from mauritius that were kept in quarantine in the centre for primatology, strasbourg, france. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences showed that the two isolates formed an unknown genetic lineage within the genus aeromonas. the two isolates had nearly identical sequences (0.1 % nucleotide substitution) that were related closely to those of recognized aero ...200415023964
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